Heide Park

Heide Park

Heide-Park is a theme park in Soltau, Lower Saxony. With an overall area of over 850,000 m², it is one of the biggest German Amusement Parks and the biggest in Northern Germany. The theme park is part of the British-based Merlin Entertainments. The current manager of the park is Hannes W. Mairinger.


The area on which Heide-Park was built originally did not belong to the game reserve Heidenhof. In 1978 Hans-Jürgen Tiemann gave away the area under the condition that who ever took it would keep the Heidenhof-Kapelle (Year of Construction: 1349) and save the animals living in the park. At its opening on 19 August 1978 about 200,000 people visited and enjoyed the (then) six rides. You can get into Heide park with the Merlin Annual pass.


Heide Park currently has about 40 rides which are mainly aimed at families but its thrill rides are also very popular. One of the main attractions is Colossos, a wooden roller coaster, which until the opening of Balder, on 4 December 2003 in the Swedish amusement park Liseberg, was the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. The latest attraction is the Launched roller coaster "Desert Race". It is Germany's first and for now only launched roller coaster and accelerates from 0-100kph (0-61mph) un just 2.4 seconds and reaches a maximum of 5G positive during the ride. As of June 2009 it will be beaten by the also in Germany located world's fastest accelerating roller coaster Ring°Racer with 0-216.9kph in 2.5 seconds.

Roller coasters

Name Type Max. Height Length Max. Speed Producer
Big Loop Steel roller coaster 30 m 706 m 63 km/h Vekoma
Colossos Wooden roller coaster 60 m 1344 m 120 km/h Intamin
Desert Race Launched Coaster 19 m 650 m 100 km/h Intamin
Grottenblitz Powered roller coaster 6 m 370 m 45 km/h Mack
Limit Vekoma SLC 33,3 m 689 m 80 km/h Vekoma
Schweizer Bobbahn Bobsled roller coaster 27 m 990 m 53 km/h Mack

Water rides

Name Type Max. Height Ride length Producer
Mountain Rafting Rapid River - 600 m Intamin
Wildwasserbahn I Log flume - 600 m Mack
Wildwasserbahn II Log flume 23 m 575 m Anton Schwarzkopf

Other attractions

Name Type Max. Height Producer
Bounty Pirate Ship 15 m Intamin
Break Dance Break Dance - HUSS Maschinenfabrik
Condor Spinning tower ride 36 m Huss
Dampfkarussell Carousel - Dentzel
Enterprise Enterprise 20 m Huss
Flipper Tilted spinning ride 13,5 m Huss
Floßfahrt Raft ride - Mack
Heide-Park Express Miniature Train - Chance Rides Manufacturing
Hully Gully Tilted spinning ride 4 m Mack
Kaffeetassen Tea Cups - Mack
Kanalfahrt Slow boat ride - Mack
Kinderlok Old'99 Children train ride - Mack
Magic fast spinning ride 9 m Huss
Mississipidampfer Ship - Eigenbau
Monorail Monorail 6 m Intamin
Oldtimer Steerable oldtimer track - Mack
Panorama Panorama Tower 75 m Intamin
Panormabahn Train 4 m Mack
Rainbow Swinging platform 26,5 m Huss
Riesenkrake Octopus spinning ride 4 m Schwarzkopf
Round Up Standup spinning ride 11 m Hrubetz
Santa Maria Pirate Ship 13,5 m Zamperla
Scream Gyro-Drop Tower 103 m Intamin
Topspin Top Spin 19 m Huss
Wichtelhausen Children animal trains - Mack


Seven shows are available each day at Heide Park, these are;

  • Dolphin Show
  • Parrot Show
  • Seal Show
  • Pirate Show
  • Hallo Spencer Show
  • Bird Theatre
  • Comic Theatre

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