Guimard, Hector, 1867-1942, French architect and furniture designer. Influenced by Victor Horta, he became the first and foremost French architect of art nouveau. The most familiar landmarks created by Guimard (c.1900) are the entrance gates to the métro (subway) stations in Paris, made of metal cast into elegant, flowerlike forms. On the Rue La Fontaine, Paris, he built the Castel Béranger (1894-98) and an apartment house (1911). He went to New York City in 1938, where he remained until his death. Several examples of his decorative work can be found at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

See study by G. Vigne (2004).

Boece or Boethius, Hector, 1465?-1536?, Scottish historian. He studied at the Univ. of Paris, where he knew Erasmus, and in 1498 he went to Aberdeen as the first principal of the new university. The most important of his works is a Latin history of Scotland (1527); it is a vast collection of historical fables from medieval chronicles, generously sprinkled with myths and miracles. Despite its shortcomings it was held in high repute until the 18th cent. It supplied Holinshed with the Duncan-Macbeth tale from which Shakespeare took his plot. In the 16th cent. it was translated into a metrical Scottish version by William Stewart and a better-known prose Scottish version by John Bellenden.

See Boethius: His Life, Thought, and Influence (ed. by M. Gibson, 1982); R. McInerny, Boethius and Aquinas (1990).

Boethius, Hector: see Boece, Hector.
Hector, in Greek mythology, leader and greatest hero of the Trojan troops during the Trojan War. He was the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba, the husband of Andromache, and the father by her of Astyanax. In the Iliad he is portrayed as the courageous mainstay of Trojan resistance. He was killed by Achilles in revenge for the death of Patroclus. Hector had several hero cults, most notably at Troy and Thebes.
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