Heaven Street

Heaven Street Seven

Heaven Street Seven (also known as HS7) is a Hungarian guitar pop band founded in 1995 by Krisztián Szűcs, Róbert Németh and Gyula Orbán. Later that year Gábor Balczer joined the band.



  • Tick Tock No Fear (1995) MD
  • Goal (1G Records, 1997) CD
  • Budapest Dolls (1G Records, 1998) CD
  • Cukor (1G Records, 2000) CD
  • Kisfilmek a nagyvilágból (1G Records, 2002) CD
  • Szállj ki és gyalogolj (Warner Bros., 2004)
  • Tick Tock No Fear (2005) CD
  • Tudom, hogy szeretsz titokban (Magneoton, 2006) CD
  • Sordid Little Symphonies (Magneoton/mTom, 2007) CD

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