Healing Hands 3

Healing Hands III

Following the success of Healing Hands I and II, Hong Kong's No.1 Television Channel, TVB, introduced Healing Hands III.

It starred the original casts of Healing Hands I: Lawrence Ng and Bowie Lam; and Healing Hands II: Moses Chan, Maggie Siu and Raymond Cho along with new additions to the series, Melissa Ng, Bernice Liu and Gigi Lai. It aired in Hong Kong during (August - September 2005).


The storyline begins with the end of the Sars epidemic in Hong Kong and the accidental death of Lawrence Ng's (Paul) ex-girlfriend Yoyo Mung (Tracy). Lawrence begins a tailspin, but fortunately Gigi Lai (Frances) is always there to support him. Bowie Lam (Henry) appears at the beginning of Healing Hands 3 with a new girlfriend, having broken up with Flora Chan (Annie) between Healing Hands 2 and 3. However, he soon breaks up and despite initial bad impressions of Melissa Ng (Sarah), the two become friends. The drama follows the challenges that the characters face- including the medical obstacles faced by the doctors of Yan Oi hospital and the love life troubles that the various couples of the series overcome.


  • Sarah is diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  • Anson gets pregnant, but later discovers that the unborn child has a serious body impairment, rendering it disabled. She later on suffers a miscarriage.
  • Chris is suspected of having an affair with Grace, but the misunderstanding is later solved.


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