Hawker's Trail

Hawker's Hut

Hawker's Hut is a historic building at Morwenstow, Cornwall originally built by Robert Stephen Hawker (1803 – 1875), close to Higher Sharpnose Point. The Hut is located approximately 1 mile from Morwenstow Church.

The Hut is mainly of timber construction and is partially built into the hillside (earth sheltered) with a turf roof. It was originally built from driftwood and timber retrieved from shipwrecks by the eccentric vicar and poet. The Reverend Hawker spent many hours in the Hut writing poems and smoking opium, no doubt inspired by the spectacular views over the Atlantic ocean. Visitors to the Hut during Hawker's time there included Alfred Tennyson in 1848 (with whom Hawker toured Tintagel) and Charles Kingsley. Today the Hut is accessible on foot from the coastal footpath via a short set of steps.

Hawker's Hut has been maintained since its original construction although some of the original elements are still present. It is currently the smallest property belonging to the National Trust.


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