Hathi Wind

Hathi Wind


This village is situated near Khan Muhammad Wala. The road from Bhera to Bhalwal separated the village from the middle. It is another native village of "Gondals". Now many other castes also live in the village. It is located at 10 KM from Bhera and 13 KM from Bhalwal. The village is situated at a height and its view in at night is really amazing. It also contains a small village in its west named as Islam Pur Lokari

Famous People

Ch. Sultan Ahmed Gondal is a famous personality of the village. He has spent his life in serving people and mitigating disputes between the people. His role in politics and for the welfare of the Union Council Khan Muhammad Wala will never die. It will be remembered for generations for his service.

Ch. Tariq Mehmood Gondal is another well known personality of village Hathi Wind. He is a prominent lawyer of Bhalwal Bar. He is well known as Tariq Gondal. His role in politics is making him shining star and a person to be proud for the village.

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