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is a character in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.


Hatenko is a member of Don Patch's 'Hajikegumi' gang. A common mistranslation lists him as Don Patch's godson. His name means "unprecedented" and he wields the "Kagi Shinken" ("Fist of the Key"). Like Bo-bobo, he is one of the few survivors from the Kingdom of Hair. He attacks enemies with keys and is obsessed with the courage and actions of his "boss", Don Patch. (In the English dub, he calls him "The Don") .

Hatenko was first found in the desert after being dumped by Torpedo Girl. He was then rescued by the KoPatches and was brought back to Don Patch (who was frying on a pan). From that moment on, he joined the Wiggin Gang. Before then, Hatenko first met with Torpedo Girl right after betraying the J-Block Base that he once worked with.

Hatenko briefly joins Bobobo's group, then leaves to migrate with his "family" to find food at baseball stadiums, but he really left so he could find someone to cure the curse mark OVER gave him.

Towards the climax of the series, Hatenko finally confronts Bo-bobo towards his true mission: returning to the Hair Kingdom to put a stop to his own evil brothers: Bababa-ba Ba-baba and 'Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi. While both he and one of Bo-bobo's brothers, Bebebe-be Be-bebe are seemingly killed during the final showdown with Bi-bibi, both of them are seen as ghosts assisting Bo-bobo as he partakes in his final showdown. Revived after the last battle, he decides to go into outer space at the end of Part 1, choosing to continue searching for Ba-baba.

Enemies Defeated

  • Boss Bob - M-Block Captain
  • J-Block Captain
  • Wan Ronga - Cyber Knight of Giga
  • Three Thousand Years Former O-Block Captain, Yagyu Former V-block captain, Model Former X-Block Captain
  • Love - Shadow Heavenly King

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