Hassi R'Mel power station

Hassi R'Mel

Hassi R'Mel (حاسي الرمل) is a town in Algeria located near the the 12th largest gas field worldwide. Hassi R'Mel is located in Laghouat Province northwest of Ghardaïa. It is the capital of Hassi R'Mel District. Hass R'Mel has an airport.

Hassi R'Mel is a hub for natural gas and oil pipelines running to coastal cities of Arzew, Algiers, and Skikda. The National Centre For Despatching Gas is also starting point for the Maghreb-Europe, Trans-Mediterranean, Medgaz and Galsi gas export pipelines supplying Southern Europe.

In Hassi R'Mel area would be located a integrated solar combined cycle power station, which thought to be the first of its kind in the world.


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