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List of Video on Trial episodes

This is an episode guide for the MuchMusic TV series Video on Trial, containing an episode list as well as a list of verdicts.


This list is arranged in the order in which the episodes were broadcast, and does not include spin-off "specials" (such as Stars on Trial.)

Season 1: 2005 - 2006

Episode Jurors Accused Original airdate

  • Ron Josol
  • Alex Kane
  • George Logan
  • Nikki Payne
  • Sean Michael Turrell

  1. "Ass Like That" - Eminem
  2. "Do Somethin'" - Britney Spears
  3. "99 Problems" - Jay-Z
  4. "Beverly Hills" - Weezer
  5. "Hollaback Girl" - Gwen Stefani

August 15, 2005

  • Jully Black
  • Trevor Boris
  • Alan Park
  • Harris Rosen
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" - Jessica Simpson
  2. "Candy Shop" - 50 Cent featuring Olivia
  3. "Get Right" - Jennifer Lopez featuring Fabolous
  4. "Lose Control" - Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop
  5. "I Just Wanna Live" - Good Charlotte

August 22, 2005

  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Ron Josol
  • David Lembke
  • Tim McAuliffe
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "Milkshake" - Kelis
  2. "Let's Go" - Shawn Desman
  3. "I Miss You" - blink-182
  4. "Splash Waterfalls" - Ludacris featuring Sandy Coffee
  5. "We Belong Together" - Mariah Carey

August 29, 2005

  • Jan Caruana
  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Quinn Martin
  • Chris Murphy
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Crazy in Love" - Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z
  2. "Caught Up" - Usher
  3. "Shadow" - Ashlee Simpson
  4. "Shut Up!" - Simple Plan
  5. "Call on Me" - Eric Prydz

September 5, 2005

  • John Catucci
  • Jason Harrow
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • David Kerr
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "Dirrty" - Christina Aguilera featuring Redman
  2. "Jesus Walks" - Kanye West
  3. "Our Lips Are Sealed" - Hillary Duff and Haylie Duff
  4. "Oh" - Ciara featuring Ludacris
  5. "Behind Blue Eyes" - Limp Bizkit

September 12, 2005

  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Jemeni
  • David Messiano
  • Bif Naked

  1. "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson
  2. "Hot in Herre" - Nelly
  3. "Don't Cha" - Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes
  4. "Wait (The Whisper Song)" - Ying Yang Twins
  5. "Gangsters and Thugs" - The Transplants

September 26, 2005

  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Dr. Jay
  • David Kerr
  • George Petit
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "Just Want You to Know" - Backstreet Boys
  2. "Toxic" - Britney Spears
  3. "Over" - Lindsay Lohan
  4. "Got Some Teeth" - Obie Trice
  5. "Fall to Pieces" - Velvet Revolver

October 2, 2005

  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Ron Josol
  • Wade MacNeil
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Don't Phunk with My Heart" - The Black Eyed Peas
  2. "Be Easy" - Massari
  3. "What You Waiting For?" - Gwen Stefani
  4. "All These Things That I've Done" - The Killers
  5. "Complicated" - Avril Lavigne

October 9, 2005

  • Jully Black
  • Craig Lauzon
  • Quinn Martin
  • Jason Rouse
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" - Bloodhound Gang
  2. "Shake It Off" - Mariah Carey
  3. "Wake Up" - Hilary Duff
  4. "We Be Burnin'" - Sean Paul
  5. "Sugar, We're Goin Down" - Fall Out Boy

October 16, 2005

  • Trevor Boris
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Jesse Keeler
  • David Kerr
  • David Lembke

  1. "Can't Hold Us Down" - Christina Aguilera featuring Lil' Kim
  2. "Do You Want To" - Franz Ferdinand
  3. "Dip It Low" - Christina Milian
  4. "We Are All on Drugs" - Weezer
  5. "Stand Up" - Ludacris featuring Shawnna

October 30, 2005

  • Dave Derewlany
  • Esthero
  • Jemeni
  • Alan Park
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "My Prerogative" - Britney Spears
  2. "P.I.M.P." - 50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg
  3. "Like You" - Bow Wow featuring Ciara
  4. "The Reason" - Hoobastank
  5. "Truth" - Seether

November 6, 2005

  • Adam Brodie
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Jared 'Evil' Hasselhoff
  • Jimmy Pop
  • Anna Von Frances
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Just Lose It" - Eminem
  2. "Tilt Ya Head Back" - Nelly featuring Christina Aguilera
  3. "Everybody's Fool" - Evanescense
  4. "Roses" - Outkast
  5. "Just like a Pill" - Pink

November 13, 2005

  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Bobby D. Freeman
  • Ron Josol
  • Perry Perlmutar
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "My Humps" - Black Eyed Peas
  2. "First Date" - Blink-182
  3. "Girls & Boys" - Good Charlotte
  4. "Dance, Dance" - Fall Out Boy
  5. "Naughty Girl" - Beyoncé

November 20, 2005

  • Trevor Boris
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Greig Nori
  • Darrin Rows
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Luxurious" - Gwen Stefani featuring Slim Thug
  2. "The Way You Move" - Outkast featuring Sleepy Brown
  3. "Cry Me a River" - Justin Timberlake
  4. "Stacy's Mom" - Fountains of Wayne
  5. "Doesn't Remind Me" - Audioslave

November 27, 2005

  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Dr. Jay
  • David Kerr
  • Kardinal Offishall

  1. "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" - Lindsay Lohan
  2. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" - Kanye West
  3. "Jesus of Suburbia" - Green Day
  4. "Whenever, Wherever" - Shakira
  5. "La La" - Ashlee Simpson

December 4, 2005

  • Matt Billon
  • Darren Frost
  • Chris Jericho
  • Ron Josol
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "Hung Up" - Madonna
  2. "Lean Back" - Terror Squad featuring Fat Joe
  3. "Heartbreaker" - Mariah Carey
  4. "Helena" - My Chemical Romance
  5. "Bye Bye Bye" - *NSYNC

December 25, 2005

  • Bless
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Nikki Payne
  • Darrin Rows
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Everytime" - Britney Spears
  2. "The New Workout Plan" - Kanye West
  3. "Perfect Situation" - Weezer
  4. "Twisted Transistor" - Korn
  5. "Don't Bother" - Shakira

December 25, 2005

  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Esthero
  • Aaron Merke
  • Anna Von Frances
  • Fraser Young

  1. "With You" - Jessica Simpson
  2. "One Way Ticket" - The Darkness
  3. "Window Shopper" - 50 Cent
  4. "Hero" - Enrique Iglesias
  5. "All That I've Got" - The Used

January 15, 2006

  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Greig Nori
  • Perry Perlmutar
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Mike Sheer

  1. "Me Against the Music" - Britney Spears featuring Madonna
  2. "L.O.V.E." - Ashlee Simpson
  3. "Mr. Brightside" - The Killers
  4. "When I'm Gone" - Eminem
  5. "Burn" - Usher

January 22, 2006

  • Trevor Boris
  • Andrew Bush
  • Jemeni
  • David Kerr
  • Barry Taylor

  1. "It's My Life" - No Doubt
  2. "Can't Stop" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. "Teachers Suck" - Tom Green
  4. "She Will Be Loved" - Maroon 5
  5. "21 Questions" - 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg

January 29, 2006

  • Ron Josol
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Dan Lavoiee
  • Aaron Merke
  • David Lembke

  1. "Heard 'Em Say" - Kanye West featuring Adam Levine
  2. "Resolve" - Foo Fighters
  3. "Where's Your Head At?" - Basement Jaxx
  4. "Papa Don't Preach" - Kelly Osbourne
  5. "Ch-Check It Out" - Beastie Boys

February 5, 2006

  • Trevor Boris
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • David Kerr
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Beautiful Soul" - Jesse McCartney
  2. "Over" - Lindsay Lohan
  3. "My Band" - D12
  4. "Batter Up" - Nelly and St. Lunatics
  5. "The Denial Twist" - The White Stripes

February 19, 2006

  • Matt Billon
  • Trevor Boris
  • Jemeni
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Sugar Sammy

  1. "Just a Lil Bit" - 50 Cent
  2. "Feeling This" - Blink-182
  3. "Juicebox" - The Strokes
  4. "Don't Forget About Us" - Mariah Carey
  5. "Get Back" - Ludacris

February 26, 2006

  • Lucy Decoutere
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Andrew Evans
  • Alex Nussbaum
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Lucky" - Britney Spears
  2. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Green Day
  3. "Laffy Taffy" - D4L
  4. "Scars" - Papa Roach
  5. "We Are All Made of Stars" - Moby

March 5, 2006

  • Coco LeCreme
  • Aaron Merke
  • Perry Perlmutar
  • Darrin Rows
  • Todd Shapiro

  1. "I Drive Myself Crazy" - *NSYNC
  2. "Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas
  3. "Hella Good" - No Doubt
  4. "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" - Chris Brown
  5. "Bat Country" - Avenged Sevenfold

March 12, 2006

  • Andrew Bush
  • David Kerr
  • Coco LeCreme
  • Alex Nussbaum
  • Barry Taylor

  1. "Stupid Girls" - Pink
  2. "It's Gonna Be Me" - *NSYNC
  3. "Touch the Sky" - Kanye West featutring Lupe Fiasco
  4. "Stan" - Eminem featuring Dido
  5. "Dirty Little Secret" - The All-American Rejects

March 27, 2006

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Steven Shehori
  • Ron Sparks
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Sorry" - Madonna
  2. "Everlong" - Foo Fighters
  3. "Signs" - Snoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson
  4. "Trouble" - Pink
  5. "Touch It" - Busta Rhymes

April 10, 2006

  • Jully Black
  • Claire Brosseau
  • Eddie Della Siepe
  • Ennis Esmer
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me"" - Fall Out Boy
  2. "She Hates Me" - Puddle of Mudd
  3. "I Know You Don't Love Me" - Tony Yayo featuring G-Unit
  4. "Ex-Girlfriend" - No Doubt
  5. "When the Sun Goes Down" - Arctic Monkeys

April 24, 2006

  • Trevor Boris
  • Roddy Colmer
  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Todd Shapiro

  1. "Walk Away" - Kelly Clarkson
  2. "Grillz" - Nelly featuring Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp
  3. "So Yesterday" - Hillary Duff
  4. "Go with the Flow" - Queens of the Stone Age
  5. "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" - Panic! at the Disco

April 30, 2006

  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Dan Lavoie
  • Jeff McEnery
  • Aaron Merke
  • Will Weldon

  1. "Beep" - Pussycat Dolls featuring
  2. "Pass That Dutch" - Missy Elliott
  3. "Is It Just Me?" - The Darkness
  4. "My Sacrifice" - Creed
  5. "Number One Spot" - Ludacris

May 7, 2006

  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Ron Josol
  • Alex Nussbaum
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Darrin Rows

  1. "Gimme That" - Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne
  2. "Dani California" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. "Because I Got High" - Afroman
  4. "The Hardest Part" - Coldplay
  5. "Don't Let Me Get Me" - Pink

May 21, 2006

  • Matt Alden
  • Robin Black
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Jason Rouse
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "What's Left of Me" - Nick Lachey
  2. "Smooth Criminal" - Alien Ant Farm
  3. "Say Somethin'" - Mariah Carey featuring Snoop Dogg
  4. "It Wasn't Me" - Shaggy featuring Rikrok
  5. "Ms. New Booty" - Bubba Sparxxx featuring Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark

June 25, 2006

  • Matt Billon
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Jemeni
  • David Kerr
  • Chris Ritchie

  1. "The Ghost of You" - My Chemical Romance
  2. "Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield
  3. "Slow Jamz" - Twista featuring Kanye West and Jamie Foxx
  4. "Learn to Fly" - Foo Fighters
  5. "When You're Mad" - Ne-Yo

July 2, 2006

  • Trevor Boris
  • Laurie Elliott
  • Andrew Evans
  • Alex Nussbaum
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Who Knew" - Pink
  2. "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" - The Flaming Lips
  3. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" - Kelly Clarkson
  4. "Ridin'" - Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone
  5. "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley

July 9, 2006

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Roddy Colmer
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Chris Jericho
  • Ali Rizvi

  1. "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
  2. "Freak on a Leash" - Korn
  3. "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)" - T-Pain featuring Mike Jones
  4. "Tribute" - Tenacious D
  5. "Talk" - Coldplay

July 16, 2006

  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Mark Forward
  • Nile Seguin
  • Ron Sparks
  • Manolis Zontanos

  1. "Bossy" - Kelis featuring Too Short
  2. "Work It" - Missy Elliott
  3. "Invisible" - Ashlee Simpson
  4. "Walk Away" - Franz Ferdinand
  5. "But It's Better If You Do" - Panic! at the Disco

July 23, 2006

  • Dini Dimakos
  • Ron Josol
  • Perry Perlmutar
  • Todd Shapiro
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "Ain't No Other Man" - Christina Aguilera
  2. "I Love My Chick" - Busta Rhymes featuring Kelis and
  3. "Girl's Not Grey" - AFI
  4. "S Club Party" - S Club 7
  5. "The Kill" - 30 Seconds to Mars

August 6, 2006

Season 2: 2006 - 2007

Episode Jurors Accused Original airdate
Totally '80s Video on Trial

  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • David Kerr
  • Anna Von Frances

  1. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper
  2. "Careless Whisper" - Wham!
  3. "Papa Don't Preach" - Madonna
  4. "Hot for Teacher" - Van Halen
  5. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

August 27, 2006

  • Robin Black
  • Kristen Gallagher
  • Jemeni
  • Darrin Rows
  • Fraser Young

  1. "A Public Affair" - Jessica Simpson
  2. "Like I Love You" - Justin Timberlake featuring Clipse
  3. "London Bridge" - Fergie
  4. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - My Chemical Romance
  5. "Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)" - Cobra Starship featuring William Beckett, Travis McCoy and Maja Ivarsson

September 3, 2006

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Trevor Boris
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Jesse Jane

  1. "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake
  2. "Morris Brown" - Outkast featuring Scar and Sleepy Brown
  3. "Steady, As She Goes" - The Raconteurs
  4. "Ghetto Story Chapter 2" - Cham featuring Alicia Keys
  5. "Grown and Sexy" - Chamillionaire

September 10, 2006

  • Carol Cunningham
  • Laurie Elliott
  • David Kerr
  • Martin O'Brien
  • Fraser Young

  1. "U + Ur Hand" - Pink
  2. "Torn" - LeToya
  3. "When You Were Young" - The Killers
  4. "Addicted" - Enrique Iglesias
  5. "Fighter" - Christina Aguilera

September 17, 2006

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Hugh Phukovsky
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "Ring the Alarm" - Beyonce
  2. "Joker & the Thief" - Wolfmother
  3. "Too Little Too Late" - JoJo
  4. "Money Maker" - Ludacris featuring Pharrell
  5. "The Rockafeller Skank" - Fatboy Slim

September 24, 2006
Totally '80s Video on Trial
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • David Kerr
  • Nikki Payne
  • Anna Von Frances
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Take on Me" - a-ha
  2. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Bonnie Tyler
  3. "The Wild Boys" - Duran Duran
  4. "We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister
  5. "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" - Culture Club

October 15, 2006

  • Measha Brueggergosman
  • Adam Cawley
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Darrin Rows
  • Todd Shapiro

  1. "Call Me When You're Sober" - Evanescence
  2. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" - The Darkness
  3. "Say Goodbye" - Chris Brown
  4. "Come to Me" - Diddy featuring Nicole Scherzinger
  5. "Trapped in the Closet Pt. 1" - R. Kelly

October 22, 2006

  • Sean Cullen as "Ron Sparks" stand-in
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Laurie Elliott
  • Ron Sparks
  • Barry Taylor
  • Pete Zedlacher

  1. "Gone Daddy Gone" - Gnarls Barkley
  2. "Lips of an Angel" - Hinder
  3. "Smack That" - Akon featuring Eminem
  4. "White & Nerdy" - "Weird Al" Yankovic
  5. "Original Fire" - Audioslave

October 29, 2006

  • Trevor Boris
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Sandy Medeiros
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Will Weldon

  1. "Welcome to the Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance
  2. "Nothing in this World" - Paris Hilton
  3. "Chain Hang Low" - Jibbs
  4. "St. Anger" - Metallica
  5. "Here (In Your Arms)" - Hellogoodbye

November 5, 2006

  • Nick Beaton
  • Jemeni
  • David Kerr
  • Katherine Ryan
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic

  1. "Miss Murder" - AFI
  2. "Stunt 101" - G-Unit
  3. "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" - Panic! at the Disco
  4. "No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age
  5. "Long Way 2 Go" - Cassie

November 12, 2006

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Trevor Boris
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Lachlan Patterson
  • Nikki Payne

  1. "Fergalicious" - Fergie featuring
  2. "When Your Heart Stops Beating" - +44
  3. "My Love" - Justin Timberlake
  4. "So Excited" - Janet Jackson featuring Khia
  5. "Miami" - Will Smith

November 26, 2006

  • Andre Arruda
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Alex Nussbaum
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "Hurt" - Christina Aguilera
  2. "Love Me or Hate Me" - Lady Sovereign
  3. "Bones" - The Killers
  4. "Thong Song" - Sisqo
  5. "Shortie Like Mine" - Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown and Johntá Austin

December 17, 2006
Video on Trial: '80s Superstars
  • Marty Adams
  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • David Kerr

  1. "Like a Virgin" - Madonna
  2. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" - Whitney Houston
  3. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson
  4. "California Girls" - David Lee Roth
  5. "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" - New Kids on the Block

December 24, 2006
Video on Trial: Holiday Crap
  • Nicole Arbour
  • Trevor Boris
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "8 Days of Christmas" - Destiny's Child
  2. "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" - 'N Sync
  3. "Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto" - Snoop Dogg
  4. "This Gift" - 98 Degrees
  5. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" - Mariah Carey

December 24, 2006
Video on Trial: Centerfold Edition
  • Trevor Boris
  • Carol Cunningham
  • Amy Lynn Grover
  • Lisa Anne Houser
  • Boomer Phillips

  1. "Wait a Minute" - The Pussycat Dolls featuring Timbaland
  2. "Lady Marmalade" - Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil' Kim and Mýa
  3. "Beverly Hills" - Weezer
  4. "About Us" - Brooke Hogan featuring Paul Wall
  5. "Candy Shop" - 50 Cent featuring Olivia

December 31, 2006

  • Rebbeca Addelman
  • Sean Gehon
  • Jemeni
  • Jason Rouse
  • Katherine Ryan

  1. "Wind It Up" - Gwen Stefani
  2. "Hate Me" - Blue October
  3. "You Don't Know" - Eminem featuring 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Ca$his
  4. "Barbie Girl" - Aqua
  5. "Irreplaceable" - Beyonce

January 21, 2007
Totally '80s Video on Trial
  • Marty Adams
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Laurie Elliott
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Eddie Della Siepe

  1. "How Will I Know" - Whitney Houston
  2. "Beat It" - Michael Jackson
  3. "Karma Chameleon" - Culture Club
  4. "Smokin' In the Boys Room" - Mötley Crüe
  5. "White Wedding" - Billy Idol

January 28, 2007

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Laurie Elliott
  • Andrew Johnston
  • John Ki
  • Darrin Rows

  1. "Lose Control" - KFed
  2. "Oops...I Did It Again" - Britney Spears
  3. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani featuring Akon
  4. "From Yesterday" - 30 Seconds to Mars
  5. "Temperature" - Sean Paul

February 4, 2007
Totally '80s Video on Trial
  • Ward Anderson
  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Holly Prazoff
  • Ron Sparks

  1. "Cold Hearted" - Paula Abdul
  2. "Bust a Move" - Young MC
  3. "She Bop" - Cyndi Lauper
  4. "Girl You Know It's True" - Milli Vanilli
  5. "Parents Just Don't Understand" - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

March 4, 2007

  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Nikki Payne
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Jeffree Star
  • Fraser Young

  1. "Read My Mind" - The Killers
  2. "Lithium" - Evanescence
  3. "Hip Hop Is Dead" - Nas featuring
  4. "MMMBop" - Hanson
  5. "The River" - Good Charlotte featuring M. Shadows and Synyster Gates

March 11, 2007

  • Dini Dimakos
  • Laurie Elliot
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Eddie Della Siepe
  • Darrin Rows

  1. "It's Not Over" - Daughtry
  2. "Jenny from the Block" - Jennifer Lopez featuring Styles P and Jadakiss
  3. "The Church of Hot Addiction" - Cobra Starship
  4. "How to Touch a Girl" - JoJo
  5. "American Bad Ass" - Kid Rock

March 18, 2007

  • Trevor Boris
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Dan Galea
  • Jemeni
  • Fraser Young

  1. "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy
  2. "With Love" - Hilary Duff
  3. "What Goes Around...Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake
  4. "Throw Some D's" - Rich Boy featuring Polow da Don
  5. "Dashboard" - Modest Mouse

March 25, 2007

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Trevor Boris
  • Sandy Chen
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Cedric Newman

  1. "Glamourous" - Fergie featuring Ludacris
  2. "Naked Sun" - …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  3. "She Bangs" - Ricky Martin
  4. "Wouldn't Get Far" - The Game featuring Kanye West
  5. "Beautiful Liar" - Beyoncé featuring Shakira

April 2, 2007

  • Brad Cowan
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Ron Sparks
  • Eric Toth

  1. "Smile" - Lily Allen
  2. "Better Than Me" - Hinder
  3. "Candyman" - Christina Aguilera
  4. "Outta My System" - Bow Wow featuring T-Pain and Johntá Austin
  5. "Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-A-Lot

April 9, 2008

  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Perez Hilton
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Darrin Rows

  1. "Rumors" - Lindsay Lohan
  2. "Thnks fr th Mmrs" - Fall Out Boy
  3. "Don't Matter" - Akon
  4. "Hump de Bump" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. "Doe Boy Fresh" - Three 6 Mafia featuring Chamillionaire

June 3, 2007

  • Tamla-Mai Deleon
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Kristeen von Hagen
  • Fraser Young

  1. "This Is Why I'm Hot" - Mims
  2. "Like This" - Kelly Rowland featuring Eve
  3. "Triple Trouble" - Beastie Boys
  4. "Grace Kelly" - Mika
  5. "Sexx Laws" - Beck

June 10, 2007
Video on Trial: So '90s Edition
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Dini Dimakos
  • Jemeni
  • Boomer Phillips
  • Todd Shapiro

  1. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
  2. "California Love" - 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre
  3. "Wannabe" - Spice Girls
  4. "Basket Case" - Green Day
  5. "I'm Too Sexy" - Right Said Fred

June 17, 2007

  • Rebbeca Addelman
  • Trevor Boris as "VOT guru" and "emo cry baby"
  • Brad Cowan
  • Nikki Payne
  • Darrin Rows
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Anonymous" - Bobby Valentino featuring Timbaland
  2. "Cupid's Chokehold" - Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump
  3. "Tainted Love" - Marilyn Manson
  4. "I Don't Love You" - My Chemical Romance
  5. "Upgrade U" - Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z

June 24, 2007
Totally '80s Video on Trial
  • Trevor Boris
  • Debra DiGiovanni
  • Anna Von Frances
  • Ron Sparks
  • DJ Trixx

  1. "Walk Like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
  2. "Tainted Love" - Soft Cell
  3. "All Night Long (All Night)" - Lionel Richie
  4. "I Think We're Alone Now" - Tiffany
  5. "Ghostbusters" - Ray Parker Jr.

July 8, 2007
Totally '80s Video on Trial
  • Rebbeca Addelman
  • Dana Alexander
  • Anna Von Frances
  • David Kerr
  • Boomer Phillips

  1. "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)" - Beastie Boys
  2. "Physical" - Olivia Newton-John
  3. "Kiss" - Prince
  4. "Whip It" - Devo
  5. "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns N' Roses

July 15, 2007

Season 3: 2007 - 2008

Episode Jurors Accused Original airdate

  • Nicole Arbour
  • Trevor Boris
  • Sara Hennessey
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Ron Sparks

  1. ""The Take Over, the Breaks Over"" - Fall Out Boy
  2. "Same Girl" - R. Kelly featuring Usher
  3. "Clothes Off
" - Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump
  • "Survivor" - Destiny's Child
  • "Sick, Sick, Sick" - Queens of the Stone Age
  • August 12, 2007

    • Nicole Arbour
    • Trevor Boris
    • Jemeni
    • Darrin Rows
    • Ron Sparks

    1. "Alfie" - Lily Allen
    2. "The Bird and the Worm" - The Used
    3. "We Takin' Over" - DJ Khaled featuring Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman and Lil Wayne
    4. "Never Again" - Kelly Clarkson
    5. "Hip Hop Hooray" - Naughty by Nature

    August 19, 2007

    • Dini Dimakos
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Russell Peters
    • Darrin Rows

    1. "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)" - Enrique Iglesias
    2. "Pretty Handsome Awkward" - The Used
    3. "Lip Gloss" - Lil Mama
    4. "For Reasons Unknown" - The Killers
    5. "You Make Me Sick" - Pink

    August 26, 2007

    • Marty Adams
    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sara Hennessey
    • Eddie Della Siepe

    1. "Beautiful Girls" - Sean Kingston
    2. "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson
    3. "I Get Money" - 50 Cent
    4. "She Builds Quick Machines" - Velvet Revolver
    5. "Wall to Wall" - Chris Brown

    September 8, 2007

    • Marty Adams
    • Trevor Boris
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Holly Prazoff
    • DJ Trixx

    1. "Stranger" - Hilary Duff
    2. "It's Goin' Down" - Yung Joc featuring Nitti
    3. "Big Girls Don't Cry" - Fergie
    4. "Party Like a Rockstar" - Shop Boyz
    5. "Icky Thump" - The White Stripes

    September 30, 2007
    Video on Trial: Totally Naked Edition

    • Carol Cunningham
    • Dave Merheje
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Sarah Robson
    • Katherine Ryan

    1. "Whatever U Like" - Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I.
    2. "Lapdance" - N.E.R.D
    3. "What's My Age Again?" - Blink-182
    4. "Get Naked" - Methods of Mayhem
    5. "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World

    October 14, 2007

    • Ward Anderson
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Ron Sparks

    1. "Now That You Got It" - Gwen Stefani featuring Damian Marley
    2. "Misery Business" - Paramore
    3. "Rockstar" - Nickelback
    4. "Drivin' Me Wild" - Common featuring Lily Allen
    5. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" - Soulja Boy

    November 5, 2007

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Norm Sousa

    1. "Do It Well" - Jennifer Lopez
    2. "Hip Hop Police" - Chamillionaire featuring Slick Rick
    3. "I Got It from My Mama" -
    4. "Empty Walls" - Serj Tankian
    5. "Mono" - Courtney Love

    November 11, 2007

    • Marty Adams
    • Eddie Delle Siepe
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Trevor Boris
    • Dini Dimakos

    1. "Clumsy" - Fergie
    2. "Shawty Is a 10" - The-Dream featuring Fabolous
    3. "Pull Shapes" - The Pipettes
    4. "Hurt" - T.I. featuring Busta Rhymes and Alfamega
    5. "She's So Sorry" - Hedley

    November 18, 2007
    Video on Trial: One Hit Wonders Edition

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Boomer Phillips

    1. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" - Baha Men
    2. "All the Things She Said" - t.A.T.u.
    3. "I Wanna Be Bad" - Willa Ford
    4. "What Is Love" - Haddaway
    5. "Ice Ice Baby" - Vanilla Ice

    December 16, 2007
    Video on Trial: Holiday Crap

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Lavatch
    • Katherine Ryan
    • Ron Sparks

    1. "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" - Jessica Simpson
    2. "All I Have" - Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J
    3. "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)" - The Darkness
    4. "Happy Christmas, War Is Over" - Street Drum Corps featuring Bert McCracken
    5. "Don't Shoot Me Santa" - The Killers

    December 23, 2007

    • Dana Alexander
    • Trevor Boris as "Scene Stealer"
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Dan Galea
    • Andrew Johnston
    • Nikki Payne

    1. "Wake Up Call" - Maroon 5
    2. "Tambourine" - Eve featuring Swizz Beatz
    3. "LDN" - Lily Allen
    4. "Teenagers" - My Chemical Romance
    5. "Larger than Life" - Backstreet Boys

    February 3, 2008

    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sara Hennessey
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Adamo Ruggiero

    1. "Sensual Seduction" - Snoop Dogg
    2. "3's & 7's" - Queens of the Stone Age
    3. "Stop" - Spice Girls
    4. "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" - Ashlee Simpson
    5. "Me Love" - Sean Kingston

    February 10, 2008

    • Trevor Boris
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Nikki Payne
    • Josh Ramsay
    • Norm Sousa

    1. "Piece of Me" - Britney Spears
    2. "Kiss Kiss" - Chris Brown featuring T-Pain
    3. "Shake Tramp" - Marianas Trench
    4. "Tick Tick Boom" - The Hives
    5. "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" - Aaron Carter

    February 17, 2008

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Michael Lawrence
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Eddie Della Siepe

    1. "Someday" - Nickelback
    2. "Feedback" - Janet Jackson
    3. "Conquest" - The White Stripes
    4. "Still Will" - 50 Cent featuring Akon
    5. "Long Road to Ruin" - Foo Fighters

    February 24, 2008
    Totally Beachin' Video on Trial

    • Dini Dimakos
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Jason Rouse
    • Ron Sparks

    1. "Higher" - Heidi Montag
    2. "Thong Song" - Sisqo
    3. "All the Small Things" - blink-182
    4. "Genie in a Bottle" - Christina Aguilera
    5. "I'm Always Here" - Jimi Jamison

    March 9, 2008
    Video on Trial: ♥ Barely Legal ♥

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Matt O'Brien
    • Darrin Rows

    1. "Rush" - Aly & AJ
    2. "Start All Over" - Miley Cyrus
    3. "What Time Is It?" - High School Musical 2 Cast
    4. "SOS" - Jonas Brothers
    5. "Hold Me" - Menudo

    March 17, 2008

    • Marty Adams
    • Trevor Boris
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Sara Hennessey
    • David Kerr

    1. "Ching-a-Ling" - Missy Elliot
    2. "Ready, Set, Go!" - Tokio Hotel
    3. "Pro Nails" - Kid Sister featuring Kanye West
    4. "Nine in the Afternoon" - Panic! at the Disco
    5. "Shawty Get Loose" - Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain

    March 23, 2008

    • Trevor Boris
    • Laura Landauer as Celine Dion
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Tim Rabnett

    1. "Break the Ice" - Britney Spears
    2. "Run" - Gnarls Barkley
    3. "The Way That I Love You" - Ashanti
    4. "Calabria 2008" - Enur featuring Natasja
    5. "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" - Mika

    April 27, 2008


    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Andrew Johnston
    • Rebbeca Kohler
    • Boomer Phillips

    1. "Scream" - Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger
    2. "The City Is at War" - Cobra Starship
    3. "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" - Randy Jackson featuring Paula Abdul
    4. "We Like to Party" - Vengaboys
    5. "Touch My Body" - Mariah Carey

    May 4, 2008

    • Dan Galea
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Jemeni
    • Ron Sparks
    • Eddie Della Siepe

    1. "Elevator" - Flo Rida featuring Timbaland
    2. "Time to Pretend" - MGMT
    3. "Stop and Stare" - OneRepublic
    4. "Yahhh!" - Soulja Boy featuring Arab
    5. "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" - Backstreet Boys

    May 11, 2008

    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Jemeni
    • David Kerr
    • Rob Pue

    1. "4 Minutes" - Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
    2. "Secret Crowds" - Angels and Airwaves
    3. "Double Dutch Bus" - Raven-Symoné
    4. "Won't Go Home Without You" - Maroon 5
    5. "Livin' la Vida Loca" - Ricky Martin

    May 18, 2008

    • Lauren Ash
    • Trevor Boris
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Mike "Nug" Nahrgang
    • Ron Sparks

    1. "Teenage Love Affair" - Alicia Keys
    2. "Party People" - Nelly featuring Fergie
    3. "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" - Panic! at the Disco
    4. "Pocketful of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield
    5. "Beat It" - Fall Out Boy

    July 7, 2008
    Video on Trial: So '90s Edition

    • Marty Adams
    • Trevor Boris
    • Nikki Payne
    • Pauly Shore
    • Alyson Smith

    1. "Black or White" - Michael Jackson
    2. "Say You'll Be There" - Spice Girls
    3. "I Wanna Sex You Up" - Color Me Badd
    4. "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" - The Offspring
    5. "Break Stuff" - Limp Bizkit

    July 14, 2008
    Totally '80s Video on Trial

    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Nikki Payne
    • Boomer Phillips
    • Ron Sparks
    • Anna Von Frances

    1. "Open Your Heart" - Madonna
    2. "Legs" - ZZ Top
    3. "Bad" - Michael Jackson
    4. "Didn't You Kill My Brother?" - Alexei Sayle
    5. "Rio" - Duran Duran

    July 28, 2008

    • Trevor Boris
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Laurie Elliott
    • Inessa Frantowski
    • Norm Sousa

    1. "When I Grow Up" - Pussycat Dolls
    2. "In the Ayer" - Flo Rida featuring
    3. "Sneakernight" - Vanessa Hudgens
    4. "Lollipop" - Lil Wayne featuring Static Major
    5. "Shut Up and Let Me Go" - The Ting Tings

    August 11, 2008

    Season 4: 2008 - 2009

    Episode Jurors Accused Original airdate

    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Laurie Elliott
    • David Kerr
    • Craig Lauzon
    • Eddie Della Siepe

    1. "Stupid S***" - Girlicious
    2. "Since U Been Gone" - A Day to Remember
    3. "Disturbia" - Rihanna
    4. "Psychosocial" - Slipknot
    5. "A Milli" - Lil Wayne

    September 8, 2008

    • Trevor Boris
    • Dini Dimakos
    • Jemeni
    • Rob Pue
    • Darrin Rows

    1. "Burnin' Up" - Jonas Brothers featuring Big Rob
    2. "Good Good" - Ashanti
    3. "Damaged" - Danity Kane
    4. "Got Money" - Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain
    5. "Just Dance" - Lady GaGa featuring Colby O'Donis

    September 15, 2008

    • Marty Adams
    • Debra DiGiovanni
    • Sabrina Jalees
    • Eddie Della Siepe
    • DJ Trixx

    1. "Overdosin'" - Heidi Montag
    2. "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" - Gnarls Barkley
    3. "Everyone Nose" - N.E.R.D.
    4. "Single" - New Kids on the Block featuring Ne-Yo
    5. "Goodnight Goodnight" - Maroon 5

    October 6, 2008


    The verdicts are only of a humorous nature and are not to be taken seriously. They are arranged alphabetically, by the artist's last name or known name, or the band/group's name.

    Accused Video Verdict
    +44 "When Your Heart Stops Beating" Sentenced to continue being bound and gagged by one cord.
    2Pac feat. Dr. Dre "California Love" Sentenced to stop releasing albums because ghosts can't rap.
    30 Seconds to Mars "From Yesterday" Sentenced to 30 years on Mars. Without their instruments.
    30 Seconds to Mars "The Kill" Sentenced to watch every episode of Full House and wonder which Olsen twin is being used in each scene featuring Michelle Tanner.
    50 Cent feat. Nate Dogg "21 Questions" ???
    50 Cent featuring Olivia "Candy Shop" Sentenced to "fiddy" whips by a video chicken. (Verdict #1) Sentenced to stop letting his penis direct his music videos. (Verdict #2)
    50 Cent "I Get Money" Sentenced to get a G.E.D.
    50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg "P.I.M.P." Sentenced to notify Snoop that he's less of a P.I.M.P. and more of a W.I.M.P.
    50 Cent feat. Akon "Still Will" Sentenced to attend Killers Anonymous.
    50 Cent "Window Shopper" ???
    98 Degrees "This Gift" Sentenced to stop making videos that are as predictable as a wrapped-up Toblerone.
    Paula Abdul "Cold Hearted" Sentenced to stop requesting a transfer to "Colombian Idol".
    AFI "Girl's Not Grey" Sentenced to reveal that A. F. I. stands for "Audio For Idiots".
    AFI "Miss Murder" Sentenced to stop giving their hand-me-downs to Jared Leto.
    Afroman "Because I Got High" ???
    Christina Aguilera "Ain't No Other Man" Sentenced to let archaeologists "dig for face" beneath her thousands of layers of pancake make-up.
    Christina Aguilera feat. Lil' Kim "Can't Hold Us Down" Sentenced to notify the local water filtration plant whenever she showers.
    Christina Aguilera "Candyman" Sentenced to realize that there's a difference between going down with the ship and going down on the ship.
    Christina Aguilera "Dirrty" Sentenced to take a warm bath in a hot vat of Purel.
    Christina Aguilera "Fighter" Sentenced to save her career through re-skankification.
    Christina Aguilera "Genie in a Bottle" Sentenced to get a DNA test proving that Aladdin is her baby's father.
    Christina Aguilera "Hurt" Sentenced to bring her skanky back.
    Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil' Kim and Pink "Lady Marmalade" Sentenced to appear in the spin-off "Poor Use of Lingerie on Trial".
    a-ha "Take on Me" Sentenced to hire a sketch artist to draw themselves a new career.
    Akon "Don't Matter" Sentenced to change his name to Con or Ex-Con.
    Akon feat. Eminem "Smack That" Sentenced to stop bogarting Eminem's talent.
    Alien Ant Farm "Smooth Criminal" Sentenced to recognize that punk and comedy go together like Tara Reid and proportionate breasts.
    The All-American Rejects "Dirty Little Secret" Sentenced to vanish from your iPod within the month.
    Lily Allen "Alfie" Sentenced to move to Sesame Street.
    Lily Allen "LDN" Sentenced to move to Winnipeg.
    Lily Allen "Smile" Sentenced to get rid of her 18-gallon bucket of ice cream and her Sex and the City DVD box set.
    Aly & AJ "Rush" Sentenced to prove they can play guitar, because no one's buying it.
    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead "Naked Sun" Sentenced to add a few more unneeded words to their band name.
    Angels and Airwaves "Secret Crowds" Sentenced to find their lost sense of humour.
    Aqua "Barbie Girl" Sentenced to continue plans to release the "My Royalty Checks Keep on Getting Smaller" Barbie.
    Arctic Monkeys "When the Sun Goes Down" ???
    Ashanti "Good Good" Sentenced to wake up and smell the cheating husband already.
    Ashanti "The Way That I Love You" Senteced to start writing a love song to her new cellmate Luba.
    Audioslave "Doesn't Remind Me" Sentenced to continue watching Murder, She Wrote on the tour bus.
    Audioslave "Original Fire" Sentenced to continue being ultimate band for men who sport mullets.
    Avenged Sevenfold "Bat Country" Sentenced to an eternity listening to their frat-boy fans yell out "You dudes rule!" at concerts.
    Backstreet Boys "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" Sentenced to get Kevin back! This video is evidence that you're just not the same without him.
    Backstreet Boys "Just Want You to Know" Sentenced to cease all attempts to increase their 15 minutes of fame.
    Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life" Sentenced to become quieter than silent.
    Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Sentenced to pick up all the dog s*** they left at the beach.
    The Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian" Sentenced to shave their mullets and put on some makeup so people will actually think they're women.
    Basement Jaxx "Where's Your Head At?" Sentenced to realize the "double X" in their name is as cool as a pair of uggs.
    Beastie Boys "Ch-Check It Out" Sentenced to crimes against hair with Chad Kroeger.
    Beastie Boys "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)" Sentenced to fight for their right to be relevant again.
    Beastie Boys "Triple Trouble" Sentenced to be eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.
    Beck "Sexx Laws" Sentenced to only release videos on Halloween.
    Natasha Bedingfield "Pocketful of Sunshine" Sentenced to hand out a pocketful of earplugs.
    Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten" Sentenced to leave her next album completely "unwritten."
    Beyoncé feat. Shakira "Beautiful Liar" Sentenced to continue being the ultimate three-way.
    Beyoncé "Crazy in Love" Sentenced to have her legs registered as loaded weapons.
    Beyoncé "Irreplaceable" Sentenced to sign a massive pre-nup with Jay-Z.
    Beyoncé "Naughty Girl" Sentenced to stop making guys want to cheat on their girlfriends.
    Beyoncé "Ring the Alarm" Sentenced to stop threatening to "kick the court's ass".
    Beyoncé "Upgrade U" Sentenced to release her follow-up single, "Supersize U".
    Black Eyed Peas "Don't Phunk with My Heart" Sentenced to stop being so motherphunking terrible.
    Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" Sentenced to death by label rejection.
    Black Eyed Peas "Pump It" Sentenced to invent their own video game called "Grand Theft Talent".
    blink-182 "All the Small Things" Sentenced to 4 hours of manscaping.
    blink-182 "Feeling This" ???
    blink-182 "First Date" Sentenced to realize their fake mustaches make them look cool.
    blink-182 "I Miss You" ???
    blink-182 "What's My Age Again?" Sentenced to get a set of birthday suits that don't induce vomiting.
    Bloodhound Gang "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" Sentenced to headline Jock Jams 17.
    Blue October "Hate Me" Sentenced to realize that if "blue angel" means lighting a fart, then "Blue October" must mean micing a fart.
    Bow Wow feat. Ciara "Like You" Sentenced to use a booster seat when driving his Hummer.
    Bow Wow feat. T-Pain and Johntá Austin "Outta My System" Sentenced to wipe away his tears with his diamond and gold-encrusted handkerchief.
    Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown and Johntá Austin "Shortie Like Mine" Sentenced to realize that dropping "Lil'" from your name doesn't automatically make you taller.
    Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne "Gimme That" ???
    Chris Brown feat. T-Pain "Kiss Kiss" Sentenced to kiss kiss his shot at love with Tila Tequila goodbye.
    Chris Brown "Say Goodbye" Sentenced to continue being more successful than you'll ever be.
    Chris Brown "Wall to Wall" Sentenced to reshoot the video after watching Blackula and The Lost Boys.
    Chris Brown "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" Sentenced to stop stalking and do what every other successful musician does: Buy love.
    Bubba Sparxxx feat. Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark "Ms. New Booty" Sentenced to 200 hours of community service with the "Save the Booty Foundation".
    Busta Rhymes feat. Kelis and "I Love My Chick" Sentenced to stop making videos that look like a Steven Segal action flick.
    Busta Rhymes "Touch It" Sentenced to a cage fight with MC Hammer and The Vengaboys.
    Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Sentenced to admit that all she wants for Christmas is Tommy Mottola and a nutcracker.
    Mariah Carey "Don't Forget About Us" Sentenced to stop kissing in soccer nets in order to avoid getting hit by a soccer ball.
    Mariah Carey "Heartbreaker" ???
    Mariah Carey "Shake It Off" Sentenced to appear in People Magazine's "Sexiest Women Under 70" issue.
    Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" Sentenced to be mistaken for a hooker.
    Mariah Carey "We Belong Together" Sentenced to a career arc similar to that of Eric Roberts.
    Mariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg "Say Somethin'" Sentenced to be a little less sexy, a little more 45 candles... or however old she is...
    Aaron Carter "Aaron's Party (Come and Get It)" Sentenced to realize that he is the real Hannah Montana.
    Cassie "Long Way 2 Go" Sentenced to 3 months at the Ashlee Simpson Institute for the Craptastic.
    Cham feat. Alicia Keys "Ghetto Story Pt. 2" Sentenced to keep on co-opting other people's fame until someone can begin to co-opt his.
    Chamillionaire "Grown and Sexy" Sentenced to convert his video into a movie called "Robot Supermodels on a Plane".
    Chamillionaire feat. Slick Rick "Hip Hop Police" Sentenced to have his lips permanently sewn to Jay-Z's ass.
    Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone "Ridin'" Sentenced to ride his "low rider" straight to hell.
    Ciara feat. Ludacris "Oh" Sentenced to continue being the queen of crunk.
    Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Sentenced to thank God she was never eaten by Ruben Studdard.
    Kelly Clarkson "Never Again" Sentenced to begin working on her comeback album.
    Kelly Clarkson "Since U Been Gone" Sentenced to continue to be a hotter chick than Clay Aiken.
    Kelly Clarkson "Walk Away" Sentenced to "walk away" from the music industry.
    Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett, Travis McCoy and Maja Ivarsson "Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)" Sentenced to return to the sucky bands from whence they came.
    Cobra Starship "The Church of Hot Addiction" Sentenced to ride their starship back to their home planet of D-Listia.
    Cobra Starship "The City Is at War" Sentenced to continue making amazing videos for absolutely terrible songs.
    Color Me Badd "I Wanna Sex You Up" Sentenced to stop gluing their pubes to their upper lips.
    Coldplay "The Hardest Part" Sentenced to have no plans for their next video.
    Coldplay "Talk" Sentenced to cease on having the always baked Prince Harry direct their videos.
    Common feat. Lily Allen "Drivin' Me Wild" Sentenced to feature a silencer for his next song.
    Creed "My Sacrifice" Sentenced to do a rosary for every stripper.
    Culture Club "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" Sentenced to realize the irony in the progression of their career from making trash to picking up trash.
    Culture Club "Karma Chameleon" Sentenced to make it up to karma by retiring.
    Miley Cyrus "Start All Over" Sentenced to have her dreams analyzed...Because that $#@% is messed up.
    D12 "My Band" Sentenced to perform on the Carrot Top tour.
    D4L "Laffy Taffy" Sentenced to spank their Super Soakers on their own time.
    Danity Kane "Damaged" Sentenced to ride their space ship back to Cougar Island.
    Daughtry "It's Not Over" Sentenced to change their name to "Theory of a Creedleback".
    The Darkness "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)" Sentenced to have their career walk towards the light.
    The Darkness "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" Sentenced to 3 years at the fashion reformatory for the chronically British.
    The Darkness "Is It Just Me?" Sentenced to stop brushing their teeth with Coke.
    The Darkness "One Way Ticket" ???
    A Day to Remember "Since U Been Gone" Sentenced to let Kelly Clarkson cover one of their couldn't be any less successful.
    Shawn Desman "Let's Go" Sentenced to return the rental sports car.
    Destiny's Child "8 Days of Christmas" Sentenced to recognize the true meaning of Christmas — cheating on loved ones at the office Christmas party.
    Destiny's Child "Survivor" Sentenced to stay 100 yards away from camouflage bikinis for the next 10 years.
    Devo "Whip It" Sentenced to do a commercial for "The Clapper."
    Diddy feat. Nicole Scherzinger "Come to Me" Sentenced to team up with Mr. T for a duet called "Diddy The Fool".
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Parents Just Don't Understand" Sentenced to continue being a more effective sedative than anyhting Paula Abdul has in her purse.
    DJ Khaled featuring Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman and Lil Wayne "We Takin' Over" Sentenced to do the traffic report in Regina.
    The-Dream feat. Fabolous "Shawty Is a 10" Sentenced to agree that if something is shoddy, it can't be a ten.
    Hilary Duff "So Yesterday" ???
    Hilary Duff "Stranger" Sentenced to host a new reality show called America Has No Talent.
    Hilary Duff "Wake Up" Sentenced to go to London and party with Britain's royal bad boy, Prince Harry.
    Hilary Duff "With Love" Sentenced to stop feeling insecure about not being in rehab.
    Hilary and Haylie Duff "Our Lips Are Sealed" ???
    Duran Duran "Rio" Sentenced to watch Hedley's version of their video.
    Duran Duran "The Wild Boys" Sentenced to admit that, at some point, they got it on with your mother.
    Missy Elliott "Ching-a-Ling" Sentenced to spend some ching-a-ling and get this shown at the IMAX where the glasses are free.
    Missy Elliott "Lose Control" Sentenced to be buried alive until she turns blue.
    Missy Elliott "Pass That Dutch" Sentenced to do a duet with Cheech and Chong.
    Missy Elliott "Work It" Sentenced to warn potheads that her videos may "harsh their mellow."
    Eminem "Ass Like That" Sentenced to have a slinky up his ass.
    Eminem "Just Lose It" Sentenced to learn how `Bad Comedy' can hurt people by watching the entire first season DVD of King of Queens - with director commentary
    Eminem "Stan" Sentenced to hope that his fan letters to Vanilla Ice never surface.
    Eminem "When I'm Gone" Sentenced to lighten the f*@k up already!
    Eminem feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Ca$his "You Don't Know" Sentenced to keep on teaming up with every hip-hop star who isn't MC Hammer.
    Enur feat. Natasha "Calabria 2008" Sentenced to record the soundtrack to the next Buns of Steel DVD.
    Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober" Sentenced to "call me when they're better".
    Evanescence "Lithium" Sentenced to stop being more depressing than those Ben Johnson power drink commercials.
    Evanescence "Everybody's Fool" Sentenced to stop making music that sounds like a Leon's commercial.
    Eve feat. Swizz Beatz "Tambourine" Sentenced to spend the rest of her life at band camp.
    Fall Out Boy "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"" Sentenced to stop using The Simpsons as inspiration for Jebus' sake!
    Fall Out Boy "Beat It" Sentenced to quit doing covers and go back to writing their own crappy music (Actually, they should stop doing that).
    Fall Out Boy "Dance, Dance" ???
    Fall Out Boy "Sugar, We're Goin Down" Sentenced to the more appropriate Simpsons-inspired name of "Worst Band Ever".
    Fall Out Boy ""The Take Over, The Breaks Over"" Sentenced to have their skinny jeans permanently removed.
    Fall Out Boy "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" Sentenced to have the lead singer lay off the ham sandwiches.
    Fall Out Boy "Thnks fr th Mmrs" Sentenced to help control the pet population by being spayed or neutered.
    Fatboy Slim "The Rockafeller Skank" Sentenced to reveal that in the title "Rockafeller Skank", the word "Rockafeller" stands for "Paris Hilton is a".
    Kevin Federline "Lose Control" Sentenced to keep on pursuing custody of his pot.
    Fergie "Big Girls Don't Cry" Sentenced to date Linus from Charlie Brown.
    Fergie "Clumsy" Sentenced to stop releasing songs and put "The Duchess" to rest.
    Fergie "Fergalicious" Sentenced to cancel plans to release her next single "Hollaback Guy".
    Fergie feat. Ludacris "Glamorous" Sentenced to keep "keepin it real"-ish.
    Fergie "London Bridge" Sentenced to Google the phrase "Shameless Gwen Stefani Impersonator" and see what turns up.
    The Flaming Lips "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" Sentenced to attract women more their age group by taping some Metamucil to their privates.
    Flo Rida feat. Timbaland "Elevator" Sentenced to quit being so lazy and take the stairs. And is court-ordered to clean that elevator by hand.
    Flo Rida feat. "In the Ayer" Sentenced to change his name to "Sask Atchewan."
    Foo Fighters "Everlong" Sentenced to never again wear wigs in their future videos.
    Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly" Sentenced to leave the bad mustaches and pot smoking to K-Fed.
    Foo Fighters "Long Road to Ruin" Sentenced to go on John Stamos and Rick Springfield's reunion tour.
    Foo Fighters "Resolve" Sentenced to realize that even Mr. T pities them.
    Willa Ford "I Wanna Be Bad" Sentenced to realize that the only hits she'll have from now on are courtesy of her crack pipe.
    Fountains of Wayne "Stacy's Mom" Sentenced to speed up production on their new song, "Stacy's Grandmom".
    Franz Ferdinand "Do You Want To" Sentenced to just get it over with and have sex with each other.
    Franz Ferdinand "Walk Away" Sentenced to keep making theater students look tough.
    G-Unit "Stunt 101" Sentenced to remember that "Too many cooks spoil the rap song".
    The Game feat. Kanye West "Wouldn't Get Far" Sentenced to stop complaing about others and just have sex with himself.
    Girlicious "Stupid S***" Sentenced to fire Robin Antin...or at least stop letting her direct your videos and go back to what she's best at...collagen injections.
    Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" Sentenced to keep making videos that deliver a hallucinogenic contact buzz.
    Gnarls Barkley "Gone Daddy Gone" Sentenced to be the first video reviewed on the newly created spin-off "Stoners On Trial".
    Gnarls Barkley "Run" Sentenced to shoot his next video on a merry-go-round.
    Gnarls Barkley "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" Sentenced to go on the "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" world tour with Jewel.
    Good Charlotte "Boys and Girls" ???
    Good Charlotte "I Just Wanna Live" Sentenced to solitary confinement for their own safety.
    Good Charlotte feat. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates "The River" Sentenced to stop bathing in Rogaine.
    Tom Green "Teachers Suck" Sentenced to a school with "Weird Al" Yankovic.
    Green Day "Basket Case" Sentenced to realize they were the original American idiots.
    Green Day "Jesus of Suburbia" Sentenced to cease production on their next video, "Moses of Suburbia".
    Green Day "Wake Me Up When September Ends" Sentenced to make a less depressing video about stuff like candy and rainbows.
    Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" Sentenced to quit all the lame side projects and make f***ing rock and roll again.
    Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump "Clothes Off " Sentenced to bet their career playing roulette...And hopefully lose.
    Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump "Cupid's Chokehold" Sentenced to stop telling us to look at his girlfirend. We get it - She's hot.
    Haddaway "What Is Love" Sentenced to continue having to pay for "love" by the hour.
    Hanson "MMMBop" Sentenced to stop pestering MuchMusic for their royalties.
    Hedley "She's So Sorry" Sentenced to apologize for their existence.
    hellogoodbye "Here (In Your Arms)" Sentenced to keep on sounding like a mix of Weezer and Cher.
    High School Musical 2 cast "What Time Is It?" Sentenced to drop the act. We all know you're not squeaky clean...Yeah, we're looking at you, Vanessa.
    Paris Hilton "Nothing in This World" Sentenced to have a Video On Trial viewer add her picture to the Wikipedia entry for "loser".
    Hinder "Better Than Me" Sentenced to stop cheating over Chad Kroeger's shoulder, because all of the answers are wrong anyway.
    Hinder "Lips of an Angel" Sentenced to realize the irony that "Lips of an Angel" is being sung by the lips of an a**hole.
    The Hives "Tick Tick Boom" Sentenced to eight years of teaching fingerpainting to pre-schoolers.
    Brooke Hogan feat. Paul Wall "About Us" Sentenced to smash a folding chair over Paul Wall's back.
    Hoobastank "The Reason" Sentenced to include an album advisory sticker with a warning that their lyrics may offend all.
    Whitney Houston "How Will I Know" Sentenced to clean up the mess she is...Oh sorry, the mess she made.
    Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" Sentenced to dance with somebody while Bobby lap-dances with somebody else.
    Vanessa Hudgens "Sneakernight" Sentenced to release her follow-up single "Hooker Boots."
    Billy Idol "White Wedding" Sentenced to a white funeral.
    Enrique Iglesias "Addicted" Sentenced to keep on giving old people an alternative to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
    Enrique Iglesias "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)" Sentenced to grow some balls of his own.
    Enrique Iglesias "Hero" ???
    Janet Jackson "Feedback" Sentenced to give up the hot dogs, twinkies, and extra large Slurpees so she can look more like the alien version of herself.
    Janet Jackson feat. Khia "So Excited" Sentenced to put her clothes back on — but only because she's 90.
    Michael Jackson "Bad" Sentenced to...Well, what he should have been - And remain as a fugitive in his homeland of Switzerland.
    Michael Jackson "Beat It" Sentenced to beat it with someone his own age.
    Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" Sentenced to buy a face toupee.
    Michael Jackson "Black or White" Sentenced to beat it, just beat it (And I'm not referring to Macaulay Culkin).
    Michael Jackson "Thriller" Sentenced to nothing — his lawyers were too good.
    Randy Jackson feat. Paula Abdul "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" Sentenced to be talent judges on the highest rated show on television and make millions of dollars. ("Somehow, that doesn't seem fair...")
    Jimi Jamison "I'm Always Here" Sentenced to stop partying like its 1979.
    Jay-Z "99 Problems" Sentenced to death by firing squad.
    Jibbs "Chain Hang Low" Sentenced to ask Santa for a gold record.
    Jimmy Eat World "The Middle" Sentenced to remain but a distant memory in our minds.
    Jingle Cats "White Christmas" † Sentenced to mysteriously disappear from the MuchMusic vault forever.
    JoJo "How to Touch a Girl" Sentenced to make sure R. Kelly never sees this video.
    JoJo "Too Little, Too Late" Sentenced to celebrate her 16th birthday amidst declining album sales and a surplus of unsold concert t-shirts.
    Jonas Brothers feat. Big Rob "Burnin' Up" Sentenced to continue being the best pedophile bait on the market.
    Jonas Brothers "SOS" Sentenced to learn to swim...Their boat won't stay afloat forever.
    Kelis feat. Too Short "Bossy" Sentenced to change nothing — well, with the possible exception of "everything".
    Kelis "Milkshake" Sentenced to 5 years of chest arrest.
    R. Kelly feat. Usher "Same Girl" Sentenced to go back to writing songs, not episodes of Y&R.
    R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet Pt. 1" Sentenced to buy a Coleman stove for those extended closet stays.
    Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair" Sentenced to play a senior citizen in her next video: "Retirement Home Love Affair".
    Kid Rock "American Badass" Sentenced to shave his pubic mullet.
    Kid Sister feat. Kanye West "Pro Nails" Sentenced to open up her own pro nails shop focusing on people with ingrowns and athlete's foot.
    The Killers "All These Things That I've Done" Sentenced to come up with an original thought.
    The Killers "Bones" Sentenced to realize that having sex with a skeleton is gross.
    The Killers "Don't Shoot Me Santa" Sentenced to put Santa through a meat grinder and feed him to Rudolph.
    The Killers "For Reasons Unknown" Sentenced to keep us wondering how they ever got famous.
    The Killers "Mr. Brightside" Sentenced to hire Carrot Top for their next video.
    The Killers "Read My Mind" Sentenced to stop taking their video ideas from Paula Abdul.
    The Killers "When You Were Young" Sentenced to stop being more "British" than Prince Harry having sex with a custard scone.
    Sean Kingston "Beautiful Girls" Sentenced to hook up with Eva Longoria on season 16 of The Surreal Life.
    Sean Kingston "Me Love" Sentenced to apologize to Led Zeppelin for completely destroying what was a perfectly good song.
    Korn "Freak on a Leash" Sentenced to stop making videos that look like the new Garfield movie.
    Korn "Twisted Transistor" Sentenced to stop making songs that already sound like Weird Al's parody version.
    Nick Lachey "What's Left of Me" Sentenced to rejoin his 98 Degrees bandmates on the D-list.
    Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Sentenced to cease production on her new single, "Girls Just Want to Chillax."
    Cyndi Lauper "She Bop" Sentenced to stop sitting on her Dirt Devil Extreme.
    Avril Lavigne "Complicated" Sentenced to stop making videos that look like a Pizza Pocket commercial.
    Lady GaGa feat. Colby O'Donis "Just Dance" Sentenced to use her extensions to clean up the puke at her party.
    Lady Sovereign "Love Me or Hate Me" Sentenced to change her title to "Lady Wonhitte of Wondershire."
    LeToya "Torn" Sentenced to sing about stuff that people actually care about, such as Cool Ranch Doritos and dog robots.
    Lil Mama "Lip Gloss" Sentenced to start picking out baby names.
    Lil Mama feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain "Shawty Get Loose" Sentenced to rip off something that's more attainable, like, maybe a Heidi Montag video.
    Lil Wayne "A Milli" Sentenced to try to spend at least a thousand...a thousand...a thousand...thousand, thousand on his next joint.
    Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain "Got Money" Sentenced to build a house for Katrina victims out of his CDs that are popping up in garbage bins all across America.
    Lil Wayne feat. Static Major "Lollipop" Sentenced to get his lollipop tested.
    Limp Bizkit "Behind Blue Eyes" Sentenced to an eternity in rock and rap hell.
    Limp Bizkit "Break Stuff" Sentenced to apologize to Pauly Shore.
    Lindsay Lohan "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" Sentenced to buy a new father.
    Lindsay Lohan "Over" Sentenced to go from acting and singing to early retirement.
    Lindsay Lohan "Rumors" Sentenced to spend more time on her boobs and less time in the booth. (Verdict #1) Sentenced to realize that sometimes where there's smoke, there's a crappy singer. (Verdict #2)
    Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J "All I Have" Sentenced to wait next time until she gets her presents, and then f*** off on Boxing Day like everyone else.
    Jennifer Lopez "Do It Well" Sentenced to continue her quest to become America's next top cage fighter.
    Jennifer Lopez feat. Fabolous "Get Right" Sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences.
    Jennifer Lopez feat. Styles P and Jadakiss "Jenny from the Block" Sentenced to answer the BEP question "Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk? Inside your trunk?"
    Courtney Love "Mono" Sentenced to continue discovering new forms of STDs.
    Ludacris "Get Back" ???
    Ludacris feat. Pharrell "Money Maker" Sentenced to buy another item you can't afford and then tell you all about how awesome it is.
    Ludacris "Number One Spot" Sentenced to let Mini-Me just be a TV Commercial.
    Ludacris feat. Sandy Coffee "Splash Waterfalls" ???
    Ludacris "Stand Up" Sentenced to stop making videos that make him look like a prop comic.
    Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland "4 Minutes" Sentenced to wear slippers and a baggy housecoat like every other 80 year old woman.
    Madonna "Hung Up" Sentenced to stop making dance music before another Vogue invasion.
    Madonna "Like a Virgin" Sentenced to adopt Trevor Boris and take him to England.
    Madonna "Open Your Heart" Sentenced to "open your heart" to A-Rod. He's your soulmate, for God sakes.
    Madonna "Papa Don't Preach" Sentenced to continue being the sexiest 70-year old on the planet.
    Madonna "Sorry" Sentenced to re-invent herself.
    Marianas Trench "Shake Tramp" Sentenced to continue pursuing their dream of becoming Canada's next top My Chemical Romance cover band.
    Marilyn Manson "The Dope Show" Sentenced to lose the makeup and the minor and move back into his parent's basement.
    Marilyn Manson "Tainted Love" Sentenced to stop coming to our parties and creeping out our sisters' friends.
    Maroon 5 "Goodnight Goodnight" Sentenced to appear as the bar band in daytime soaps.
    Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" Sentenced to death by an alien or a dinosaur.
    Maroon 5 "Wake Up Call" Sentenced to buy a convertible like everyone else trying to compensate for a a small penis.
    Maroon 5 "Won't Go Home Without You" Sentenced to date women based solely on their personalities.
    Ricky Martin "Livin' la Vida Loca" Sentenced to manage Menudo: The Next Generation.
    Ricky Martin "She Bangs" Sentenced to keep asking his agent if The Surreal Life has called back.
    Massari "Be Easy" Sentenced to cease production on the video where he pretends to own the Space Shuttle.
    Jesse McCartney "Beautiful Soul" Sentenced to put a "may cause drowsiness" sticker on future albums.
    Menudo "Hold Me" Sentenced to find a woman their own age. Or man. Whatever. Who are we to judge?
    Metallica "St. Anger" Sentenced to admit that "St. Anger" is actually the patron saint of bad music.
    Methods of Mayhem "Get Naked" Sentenced to put a muzzle on Tommy Lee's radioactive penis.
    MGMT "Time to Pretend" Sentenced to say no to drugs. It might be helping your music, but it's killing your image.
    Mika "Grace Kelly" Sentenced to go through puberty.
    Mika "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" Sentenced to admit he really thinks big boys are beautiful.
    Christina Milian "Dip It Low" Sentenced to switch to using watercolor paints when engaging in sexual activity.
    Milli Vanilli "Girl You Know Its True" Sentenced to stop blaming it on the rain and just blame it on acid reflux.
    Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot" Sentenced to come out with his own line of mirrors.
    Moby "We Are All Made of Stars" Sentenced to eat a rogaine sandwich.
    Modest Mouse "Dashboard" Sentenced to start fishing for an original sound.
    Heidi Montag "Higher" Sentenced to record her next single with the silencer on.
    Heidi Montag "Overdosin'" Sentenced to live out her destiny and pose for Playboy.
    Mötley Crüe "Smokin' In the Boys Room" Sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in detention.
    My Chemical Romance "Helena" Sentenced to be prominently featured on the playlist for late night DND sessions.
    My Chemical Romance "I Don't Love You" Sentenced to divorce their lead singer.
    My Chemical Romance "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" Sentenced to lighten the hell up.
    My Chemical Romance "Teenagers" Sentenced to trade fans with Hilary Duff.
    My Chemical Romance "The Ghost of You" Sentenced to get their lunch money stolen by bullies.
    My Chemical Romance "Welcome to the Black Parade" Sentenced to stop forcing Video On Trial to come up with new ways to call them nerds.
    N.E.R.D "Everyone Nose" Sentenced to S.T.O.P making their music.
    N.E.R.D "Lapdance" Sentenced to a lifetime of awkward first dates with no sex.
    Nas feat. "Hip Hop Is Dead" Sentenced to recognize that if hip-hop is dead...Then emo is double dead.
    Naughty by Nature "Hip Hop Hooray" Sentenced to wash Paris Hilton's underwear.
    Nelly "Hot in Herre" Sentenced to apologize for making pit stains hot.
    Nelly and St. Lunatics "Batter Up" Sentenced to do a video about bobsledding.
    Nelly feat. Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp "Grillz" ???
    Nelly feat. Fergie "Party People" Sentenced to find out where his next paycheck is at.
    Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera "Tilt Ya Head Back" Sentenced to stop giving "The Depression" a bad name.
    Ne-Yo "When You're Mad" Sentenced to give a public apology and a life of abstinence.
    New Kids on the Block feat. Ne-Yo "Single" Sentenced to realize that reunions aren't for everybody.
    New Kids on the Block "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" Sentenced to begin most of their sentences with "I used to be..."
    Olivia Newton-John "Physical" Sentenced to get John Travolta more physical so he'll look a little less like Jabba the Hut and a little more like Danny Zuko.
    Nickelback "Rockstar" Sentenced to get off Video on Trial and stay off.
    Nickelback "Someday" Sentenced to someday find a sound that's...Well...A little less Nickelback.
    Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Sentenced to rub used gym socks and Gummi Bears on themselves.
    No Doubt "Ex-Girlfriend" ???
    No Doubt "Hella Good" Sentenced to continue obtaining signatures on their "Bring Back Gwen" petition.
    No Doubt "It's My Life" Sentenced to pray really hard that Gwen returns to the band.
    *NSYNC "Bye Bye Bye" ???
    *NSYNC "I Drive Myself Crazy" Sentenced to become even more "crazy" by trading Justin to the Backstreet Boys in exchange for AJ.
    *NSYNC "It's Gonna Be Me" Sentenced to a lifetime of being asked about Justin.
    *NSYNC "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" Sentenced to wish that they're on Justin's gift list.
    Obie Trice "Got Some Teeth" Sentenced to dental sensitivity training.
    The Offspring "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" Sentenced to realize unlike everything else from the '90s, they will never come back in style.
    OneRepublic "Stop and Stare" Sentenced to stay in the desert. A roach motel in the middle of nowhere is perfect for keeping you off the radar for a while.
    Outkast feat. Scar and Sleepy Brown "Morris Brown" Sentenced to keep on staying together by not playing together.
    Outkast "Roses" Sentenced to reduce their `Poo-Related' content, and cease production on their new album "Dirty Sanchez."
    Outkast feat. Sleepy Brown "The Way You Move" Sentenced to visit a real mechanic & suffer through the residual overcharging & smell of day-old farts.
    Kelly Osbourne "Papa Don't Preach" Sentenced to stop making songs that make people preach for an Ozzy Osbourne album.
    Panic! at the Disco "But It's Better If You Do" Sentenced to Google the word "creativity."
    Panic! at the Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" ???
    Panic! at the Disco "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" Sentenced to realize that, with the exception of nothing, Panic! at the Disco are Fall Out Boy.
    Panic! at the Disco "Nine in the Afternoon" Sentenced to actually start paying people to come up with pitches for their videos.
    Panic! at the Disco "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" Sentenced to ride off into the sunset on their penny-farthings.
    Papa Roach "Scars" Sentenced to continue rockin' the iPod in white-boy frat houses everywhere.
    Paramore "Misery Business" Sentenced to shave their lady mullets.
    Ray Parker Jr. "Ghostbusters" Sentenced to drop the "Jr." in order to save his father the embarrassment.
    Sean Paul "Temperature" Sentenced to realize that snowsuits don't equal sexy.
    Sean Paul "We Be Burnin'" Sentenced to stop "we-be-burnin'" up the atmosphere by getting rid of his Hummer.
    P!nk "Don't Let Me Get Me" Sentenced to give up the anti-corporate fight and get a tattoo of Mickey Mouse holding a Nike swoosh.
    P!nk "Just Like a Pill" Sentence to stop falling in to the 'Easy-Rhyme' trap by listening to rap, and not making music that sounds like crap.
    P!nk "Stupid Girls" Sentenced to scientifically identify how she is any different from Lindsay Lohan.
    P!nk "Trouble" Sentenced to 3 months in a country jail.
    P!nk "U + Ur Hand" Sentenced to go back to imitating sexy celebs.
    P!nk "Who Knew" Sentenced to continue making fun of her stupid girls, but without her stupid curls.
    P!nk "You Make Me Sick" Sentenced to seek relationship advice from Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
    The Pipettes "Pull Shapes" Sentenced to pull their careers into shape by making music that is relevant to teens and not their parents.
    Prince "Kiss" Sentenced to ditch the platforms and get himself a little person card.
    Eric Prydz "Call on Me" ???
    Puddle of Mudd "She Hates Me" Sentenced to show any impact they have made.
    Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes "Don't Cha" Sentenced to be forever listened to on mute.
    Pussycat Dolls feat. "Beep" Sentenced to join the Backstreet Boys and call themselves "Pussycat Dolls With Balls."
    Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland "Wait a Minute" Sentenced to continue being the world's youngest cougars.
    Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up" Sentenced to quit trying to convince us that 46 is the new 20.
    Queens of the Stone Age "3's & 7's" Sentenced to rent the first four seasons of The L Word to learn what girl-on-girl really looks like.
    Queens of the Stone Age "Go with the Flow" Sentenced to make another music video advertising the Swiffer.
    Queens of the Stone Age "No One Knows" Sentenced to name their next song "No One Listens".
    Queens of the Stone Age "Sick, Sick, Sick" Sentenced to realize human flesh actually tastes like chicken.
    The Raconteurs "Steady, As She Goes" Sentenced to race against Jack's other 26 bands.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers "Can't Stop" ???
    Red Hot Chili Peppers "Dani California" Sentenced to have their next video directed by Kevin Federline.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers "Hump De Bump" Sentenced to be the first people to add grillz to their dentures.
    Rich Boy feat. Polow da Don "Throw Some D's" Sentenced to have Weird Al perform a parody called "Throw Some Cheese on That Dish".
    Lionel Richie "All Night Long (All Night)" Sentenced to admit that Nicole is his kid and not the daughter of the band's drummer.
    Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy" Sentenced to spend all of eternity shaving each others' chests.
    Rihanna "Disturbia" Sentenced to make more videos in bondage.
    David Lee Roth "California Girls" Sentenced to admit that he's gone from liking California girls to looking like a California Raisin.
    Kelly Rowland feat. Eve "Like This" Sentenced to tour under the name "Destiny's Unwanted Child".
    S Club 7 "S Club Party" Sentenced to forever answer the question, "What does the 'S' stand for?"
    Alexei Sayle "Didn't You Kill My Brother?" Sentenced to stop making music and solely find out who killed his brother.
    Nicole Scherzinger feat. T.I. "Whatever U Like" Sentenced to continue making every other girl feel fat.
    Seether "Truth" Sentenced to set up a cage match between two other fictional characters: A unicorn and their musical talent.
    Shaggy feat. Rikrok "It Wasn't Me" Sentenced to be in heavy rotation on your dad's iPod.
    Shakira "Don't Bother" Sentenced to head back to the studio with her good friends the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.
    Shakira "Whenever, Wherever" Sentenced to continue being the female version of David Hasselhoff.
    Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean "Hips Don't Lie" Sentenced to realize that if her "Hips Don't Lie", they're probably saying that her song sucks.
    Shop Boyz "Party Like a Rockstar" Sentenced to O.D. like a rockstar.
    Simple Plan "Shut Up!" ???
    Ashlee Simpson "Invisible" Sentenced to recognize that you can't pick your sister, you can't pick your nose, and you can't pick your sister's nose.
    Ashlee Simpson "La La" Sentenced to wear a shock collar in her next video.
    Ashlee Simpson "L. O. V. E." Sentenced to create an award show for her fellow idea stealers called "The Grabbies".
    Ashlee Simpson "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" Sentenced to forget about her music career and go back to being Fall Out Boy's groupie.
    Ashlee Simpson "Shadow" ???
    Jessica Simpson "A Public Affair" Sentenced to stop hogging all the hot girls in Hollywood and leave some for Nick Lachey.
    Jessica Simpson "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" † Sentenced to mysteriously disappear from the MuchMusic vault forever.
    Jessica Simpson "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" Sentenced to fifty slaps on the ass by a drunken hillbilly.
    Jessica Simpson "With You" ???
    Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" Sentenced to perform at Star Jones' next birthday party.
    Sisqo "Thong Song" Sentenced to realize that thongs, much like his career, are sexy in theory, but full of shit in reality. (Verdict 1) Sentenced to three seasons of Dancing with the Stars with Lance Bass as his partner. (Verdict 2)
    Slipknot "Psychosocial" Sentenced to have a live-in therapist to help them stop hiding between those jock strap smelling masks.
    Will Smith "Miami" Sentenced to return to West Philadelphia, where he was born and raised, on the playgrounds where he spent most of his days.
    Snoop Dogg "Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto" Sentenced to stop trying to smoke the mistletoe.
    Snoop Dogg "Sensual Seduction" Sentenced to stop hanging out with Boomer (Phillips) if he wants to avoid another video like this one.
    Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson "Signs" Sentenced to keep the videos made in Las Vegas in Las Vegas.
    Soft Cell "Tainted Love" Sentenced to be tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, & syphilis.
    Soulja Boy "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" Sentenced to crank off.
    Soulja Boy feat. Arab "Yahhh!" Sentenced to quit complaining - Things could be worse. Just ask Lil' Romeo.
    Britney Spears "Break the Ice" Sentenced to forget the ice and break into rehab.
    Britney Spears "Do Somethin'" Sentenced to life with Kevin Federline.
    Britney Spears "Everytime" Sentenced to realize her dream and find Kevin Federline a job at the Cheetos factory.
    Britney Spears "Gimme More" †† Sentenced to continue being the unofficial spokesperson for crazy.
    Britney Spears "Lucky" Sentenced to stop manufacturing Federlines.
    Britney Spears feat. Madonna "Me Against the Music" Sentenced to stop singing and resume face-sucking.
    Britney Spears "My Prerogative" Sentenced to forbid her newborn son from using his father as a role model.
    Britney Spears "Oops...I Did It Again" Sentenced to cease plans for her upcoming book "A Dummies Guide To Parenting While Plastered".
    Britney Spears "Piece of Me" †† Sentenced to continue being the unofficial spokesperson for crazy.
    Britney Spears "Toxic" Sentenced to remove the dishwasher from the front lawn of her Malibu home.
    Spice Girls "Say You'll Be There" Sentenced to change their name to the Spice Cougars for their next reunion.
    Spice Girls "Stop" Sentenced to stop right now...Thank you very much.
    Spice Girls "Wannabe" Sentenced to get really old and have lots of babies.
    Gwen Stefani "Hollaback Girl" Sentenced to stay 400 meters away from any Harajuku Girls.
    Gwen Stefani feat. Slim Thug "Luxurious" Sentenced to pay royalties to the year 1999 every time she wears lip liner.
    Gwen Stefani feat. Damian Marley "Now That You Got It" Sentenced to wake up and smell the jerk chicken.
    Gwen Stefani feat. Akon "The Sweet Escape" Sentenced to keep making hits that mix "basic repetition" with the sound of cats playing with downed hydro wires.
    Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For?" Sentenced to return to the sucky band from where she came.
    Gwen Stefani "Wind It Up" Sentenced to keep on sounding like the operating room at a spay & neutering clinic.
    Street Drum Corps feat. Bert McCracken "Happy Christmas, War Is Over" Sentenced to admit he's lost the war against eyeliner.
    The Strokes "Juicebox" Sentenced to take a cold shower together.
    Raven-Symoné "Double Dutch Bus" Sentenced to do a cover version of Korn's "Freak on a Leash."
    t.A.T.u. "All the Things She Said" Sentenced to take their Russian lesbian act on the road.
    T.I. feat. Busta Rhymes and Alfamega "Hurt" Sentenced to grab some shovels and Busta and put this song in the dirt.
    T-Pain feat. Mike Jones "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)" Sentenced to remember that on a date with a stripper, the two-drink minimum still applies.
    Serj Tankian "Empty Walls" Sentenced to start a boy band with Osama bin Laden.
    Tenacious D "Tribute" Sentenced to keep on fat guy rockin'.
    Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe "Lean Back" Sentenced to stop eating his bandmates.
    Three 6 Mafia feat. Chamillionaire "Doe Boy Fresh" Sentenced to sell their Oscar on eBay to pay for a portal to get their heads out of their asses.
    Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now" Sentenced to work security on Hilary Duff's mall tour.
    Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger "Scream" Sentenced to make beats for Aaron Carter's comeback album.
    Justin Timberlake "Cry Me a River" Sentenced to write another song about his relationship with Britney, this time called "Dodged a Major Bullet!"
    Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. "Let Me Talk to You/My Love" Sentenced to apologize for bringing "sucking back".
    Justin Timberlake feat. Clipse "Like I Love You" Sentenced to continue being the least fat ex-member of NSync.
    Justin Timberlake "SexyBack" Sentenced to meet women the normal celebrity way: through publicists.
    Justin Timberlake "What Goes Around...Comes Around" Sentenced to stop bitching and realize that he's the luckiest bastard on the face of the earth.
    The Ting Tings "Shup Up and Let Me Go" Sentenced to have the universe collapse on them.
    Tokio Hotel "Ready, Set, Go!" Sentenced to talk to Hilary Swank about maintaining a career being sexually ambiguous.
    The Transplants "Gangstas and Thugs" Sentenced to stop transplanting rap with punk.
    Twista feat. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx "Slow Jamz" Sentenced to stop inspiring men to play the skin flute.
    Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" Sentenced to rent their band name out to Ashlee Simpson.
    Bonnie Tyler "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Sentenced to ask Weird Al to stop recording the song "Total Eclipse of the Fart."
    The Used "All That I've Got" Sentenced to appear in the "used" CD bin shortly after their release.
    The Used "Pretty Handsome Awkward" Sentenced to be Lindsay Lohan's date in rehab.
    The Used "The Bird & The Worm" Sentenced to live in a van down by the river.
    Usher "Burn" Sentenced to take a dip in his awesome flaming pool.
    Usher "Caught Up" Sentenced to the school of "Retro Fashion".
    Bobby Valentino feat. Timbaland "Anonymous" Sentenced to enter the witness relocation program for our sake.
    Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" Sentenced to try and remember just one moment - any moment - from the 1980s.
    Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" Sentenced to stop, collaborate, & listen: You're s***! Pack it in.
    Velvet Revolver "Fall to Pieces" Sentenced to stop giving hardcore drugs a bad name.
    Velvet Revolver "She Builds Quick Machines" Sentenced to play music people like...In their old bands...And just the hits.
    Vengaboys "We Like to Party" Sentenced to drive the Vengabus...Over a cliff. Now.
    The Weather Girls "Dear Santa" † Sentenced to mysteriously disappear from the MuchMusic vault forever.
    Weezer "Beverly Hills" Sentenced to an extremely juvenile detention centre. (Verdict #1) Sentenced to go back to playing with their inflatable playmates. (Verdict #2)
    Weezer "Perfect Situation" Sentenced to continue living their lifelong dream of non-stop rockin' and role-playing.
    Weezer "We Are All on Drugs" Sentenced to have sand kicked in their face by a bully.
    "Weird Al" Yankovic "White & Nerdy" Sentenced to admit that he looks like the albino version of Dave Navarro.
    Kanye West "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" ???
    Kanye West "Jesus Walks" Sentenced to be stopped from making the album, "Jesus Surfs".
    Kanye West "The New Workout Plan" Sentenced to remind Anna Nicole Smith that this is not "The New Pork-Out Plan".
    Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco "Touch the Sky" Sentenced to work with NASA to make a rocket that can orbit his ego.
    Kanye West feat. Adam Levine "Heard 'Em Say" Sentenced to have their relationship annulled.
    Wham! "Careless Whisper" Sentenced to stop hanging out at truckstops with Lance Bass.
    The White Stripes "Conquest" Sentenced to drop the bull and get enough members to actually be considered a band.
    The White Stripes "Icky Thump" Sentenced to a cock fight with Yung Joc.
    The White Stripes "The Denial Twist" Sentenced to make at least one video with a Hummer and a jacuzzi. "I Got It from My Mama" Sentenced to an orgy with the Golden Girls.
    Wolfmother "Joker & the Thief" Sentenced to shut their dumb faces cuz Led Zeppelin rules !
    Tony Yayo feat. G-Unit "I Know You Don't Love Me" ???
    Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)" Sentenced to pipe up about where they will put their Yings and Yangs.
    Young MC "Bust a Move" Sentenced to change his name to Old MC.
    Yung Joc feat. Nitti "It's Goin' Down" Sentenced to take gangsta lessons from Aaron Carter.
    ZZ Top "Legs" Sentenced to re-record "Legs" with the new title "Beards" and get that long overdue shave while shooting a Gillette commercial.


    • † - "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow", "Dear Santa", and "White Christmas" were all critiqued at the same time and given the same verdict.
    • †† - Britney Spears' videos for "Piece of Me" and "Gimme More" were critiqued at the same time as well.
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