Hardware Transform And Lighting

List of computer games that require hardware transform and lighting

This is a list of computer games that require DirectX 7 fixed function transform and lighting support to run. Games that only have transform and lighting as an optional feature are not listed here.

An example would be Age of Empires 3 but not Sacrifice. Users of TNT2 cards cannot run Age of Empires 3 but can run Sacrifice.

Software Transformation and Lighting

Graphics chipsets that support software transformation and lighting. Here, the CPU does both the work of the processor and video card. Games usually run with acceptable performance.

Intel's chipsets except for the 965 chipset have software transformation and lighting support.

They are as follows:

The Intel GMA series support software transformation and lighting as well as pixel shader 2.0, albeit at a software level. So games that strictly require hardware transformation and lighting may not work (unless run with 3D Analyzer).

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