Hardanger Line

Hardanger Line

The Hardanger Line (Hardangerbanen) was a 27.5 km railway branch line between Voss and Granvin in Hardanger, Norway, connecting Voss to the sea and Hardangerfjord.


The decision to build the railway was made in 1919, though the railway was not opened until 30 March 1935; the first railway in the country to open with electric traction. The entire life of the line NSB used three type 64 electric multiple units built in 1934; trains that didn't serve on any other line save Flåmsbana. The passenger transport on the line was canceled on 1 June 1985 and the freight traffic in 1989. The first 3.39 km of the line between Voss and Palmafoss freight terminal are kept as a freight line. Most of the rest of line is a bicycle path.


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