Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace, town (1991 pop. 3,419), SE Newfoundland, N.L., Canada, on Conception Bay. It is a leading fishing port and has fish-processing plants. It was settled c.1550 and is one of the oldest towns in the province. An airport is nearby.

Carbonear—Harbour Grace is a provincial electoral district for the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Being a regional services centre heavily influences the district’s economy. Communities include: Carbonear, Harbour Grace, Bristol's Hope, Freshwater, Harbour Grace South, Perry's Cove, Riverhead, The Thicket, and Victoria. Carbonear and Harbour Grace are two of the large centres in the Conception Bay area.


  1. Art Reid, Liberal (1996-1998)
  2. George Sweeney, Liberal (1998-2007)
  3. Jerome Kennedy, Prog. Cons. (2007-present)

Election Results

|- |Liberal |SWEENEY, George |align="right"|3699 |align="right"|53.89% |align="right"|+20.51% |- |Progressive Conservative |BABB, John |align="right"|3165 |align="right"|46.11% |align="right"|-14.75% |}

|- |Progressive Conservative |GARLAND, C. |align="right"|4132 |align="right"|60.86% |align="right"|+21.39% |- |Liberal |SWEENEY, George |align="right"|2266 |align="right"|33.38% |align="right"|-22.88% |- |NDP |NOEL, K. |align="right"|391 |align="right"|5.73% |align="right"|+1.46% |}

|- |Liberal | REID, Art |align="right"|3846 |align="right"|56.26% |align="right"| |- |Progressive Conservative | FAULKNER, George |align="right"|2698 |align="right"|39.47% |align="right"| |- |NDP |SOPER, Linda |align="right"|292 |align="right"|4.27% |align="right"| |}

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