Harb (حرب) is one of the largest tribes in Arabia. It is a Qahtani tribe (related to old Qahtan tribe). The great-grandfather of Harb is Harb ibn Saad ibn Saad ibn Khawlan ibn Amr ibn Qadha'ah ibn Himyar ibn Qahtan.

Harb tribal lands extend from the Red Coast in Hijaz (Western Part of Saudi Arabia) to the heart of Najd in the central region of Saudi Arabia, and from North the Harbi lands extend from Madinah (a holy city for Muslims) to Qunfuthah in the south.

The Harb tribe has two main sections:

  • Masrooh
    • Banu Amr
    • Banu Ali
    • Awf
    • Banu As Safar
    • Zubaid
    • Mukhallaf
  • Bani salim
    • Maymoon
    • Murawwah

Harb Name Meaning and History Arabic: from an ancient Arabic personal name based on the word ?harb ‘war’. The Prophet Muhammad counseled against giving children names such as ?Harb, associated with violence. Nevertheless, the name has survived and flourishes in some places in the Arabic-speaking world. German: of uncertain derivation. Possibly a topographic name for someone living by a swamp, Old High German hor. It is also found in Switzerland, eastern Slovenia, and elsewhere.

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