The Harassed

"The Harassed" is the twelfth episode of American sitcom Frasier season 10.

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

Recurring cast

Plot outline

KACL has hired a new financial analyst and former CNBC employee, Julia Wilcox, to give stock market updates in the final ten minutes of Frasier’s show. Kenny is anxious that everyone should treat her well, as she sued her previous employer for wrongful dismissal, but Frasier finds her dismissive and condescending despite all his attempts to be friendly. His family and colleagues at work (and even some of his listeners) suspect some chemistry between Frasier and Julia, which he initially denies. Then, during a heated argument, he mistakes her hostility for attraction, and this causes nothing but trouble. Meanwhile, Niles is facing the problems of holding therapy sessions at his home.

Episode Title Cards

  • There’s a doctor in the house
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