Hangin' with the Homeboys

Hangin' with the Homeboys

Hangin' with the Homeboys is a 1991 American coming-of-age Comedy-drama film directed by Joseph Vasquez. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1991. It was released by New Line Cinema.


The film revolves around four friends, who are all young men who are basically going nowhere with their lives. Tom and Johnny are stuck with dead-end jobs (one works as a telemarketer and aspires to be an actor and the other is a supermarket clerk), while Willie and Fernando (who prefers the name "Vinny"), are unemployed and use people to get what they want. They all head out for a "guys' night" out on the town from the Bronx to Manhattan, and fall victim to various disasters (most of which they bring on themselves). During their "night out", their relationships with one another become strained as the various situations lead to conflict between them, and by the end of the movie they have all separated.

Main characters

  • Tom (Mario Joyner) is an aspiring actor who works as a telemarketer while waiting for his big break. His girlfriend cancels their date for the night, so he heads out with his friends, and later finds out she is out with another man. At the end of the movie he reveals that he is weary of his friends and their destructive and derisive behavior between themselves. He is especially angry at Willie and Vinny, who manipulate him into paying for them because they're unemployed, but constantly criticize and make fun of him.
  • Willie (Doug E. Doug) is an angry unemployed malcontent who embraces the Black Power movement, but is genuinely devoted to his best friend Johnny and shows this by talking Vinny into inviting him. He has a tenuous friendship with Vinny and a passing friendship with Tom (which disintegrates when Tom calls him on his mooching). He is hypocritical, calling Tom a failure even though he is comparable to a bum, and calling LaLa an Uncle Tom because she dresses white, but he's not a member of any political organization and doesn't even vote.
  • Fernando (aka Vinny) (Nestor Serrano) is a philandering Puerto Rican who is ashamed of his heritage and pretends to be Italian, much to Johnny's horror. He later has to confront this fact when a police officer,needing information, asks him about his nationality. The oldest of the lot, he is cynical and verbally abusive to virtually everyone. Also, he is a sex-hound who tries to talk to every pretty girl he sees. He is both amused and contemptuous at Johnny's naivete and has a strained interaction with him because he sees him as a sad sack who would depress everybody in the gang, especially him. Vinny is also unemployed, but is supported by the generosity of his many girlfriends. Hypocritically, he openly derides Willie's lack of employment.
  • Johnny (John Leguizamo) is the youngest of the lot, who is idealistic and naive. Also Puerto Rican, Johnny is very proud of his heritage, unlike Vinny. He works at a grocery store, but has an opportunity for a scholarship. Romantically niave and having a rather chivalrous ideal towards love, he is infuriated to find Vinny (who is a heartless sex hound) dancing suggestively with Daria, the girl he has a secret crush on. The last straw comes when Vinny selfishly demands an apology for "ruining his night." Instead, Johnny punches him across the jaw and knocks him unconscious. At the end of the movie, the disastrous night makes him decide to go for the scholarship and start a new chapter in his life, away from his "friends".


1. The Power (Homeboys Mix) - Snap

2. Rock Bottom - 2 in a Room

3. Dance All Night (House Mix) - Poison Clan (The Baby 2 Live Crew)

4. Swingin' - Prince Akeem

5. Ticket to Heaven - The Knowledge (Feat. Kenny Bobien)

6. Do You Believe - Beat Goes Bang

7. Pretty Girls - Stevie B

8. Games - Trinere

9. We Want Some Pussy - 2 Live Crew

10. Vacate the Premises - The 2awk

11. What Is Black - Billy Box

12. Hangin' With the Homeboys and Dr. Feelgood- 2 Live Crew and Triple XXX


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