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Judo technique

There are a variety of techniques recognized by Kodokan(講道館) judo (柔道) and other budo (武道). Below is a partial list, organized by technique type and alphabetically within type.

Nage-waza (投げ技): throwing techniques

Te-waza (手技): hand throwing techniques

Koshi-waza (腰技): hip throwing techniques

Ashi-waza (足技): foot throwing techniques

Sutemi-waza (捨身技): sacrifice techniques

Ma-sutemi (真捨身技): front sacrifices

Yoko-sutemi (橫捨身技): side sacrifices

Katame-waza: grappling techniques

Turtle turnovers

Guard sweeps:

Guard passes:

Turtle turnovers:

Back mount:

Osaekomi-waza (押込技): pins or matholds

Shime-waza (絞技): chokes or strangles

Kansetsu-waza (関節技): joint locks

Atemi-waza (当て身技): body-striking techniques

Although taught within kata (型 or 形) and sometimes used within informal randori (乱取), striking techniques are forbidden in standard judo competitions.

Ashi-ate-waza: leg striking techniques

  • Mae-ate: Front knee
  • Mae-geri: Front kick
  • Naname-geri: Front crossing kick
  • Taka-geri: High front kick
  • Ushiro-geri: Backward kick
  • Yoko-geri: Side kick

Ude-Ate-waza: arm striking techniques

  • Empi-uchi: Elbow blow
  • Kami-ate: Upward blow
  • Kirioroshi: Downward knife hand blow
  • Naname-ate: Front crossing blow
  • Naname-uchi: Slanting knife hand blow
  • Ryogan-tsuki: Strike both eyes with fingertips
  • Shimo-tsuki: Downward blow
  • Tsukiage: Uppercut
  • Tsukidashi: Stomach punch with fingertips
  • Tsukkake: Straight punch
  • Uchioroshi: Downward strike
  • Ushiro-ate: Rear elbow strike
  • Ushiro-sumi-tsuki: Rear corner blow
  • Ushiro-tsuki: Rear blow
  • Ushiro-uchi: Rear blow
  • Yoko-ate: Side blow
  • Yoko-uchi: Side blow

Uke-waza (blocks and parries)

Ukemi (receiving techniques or breakfall techniques)

  • Mae ukemi: Forward roll
  • Ushiro ukemi: Backward roll
  • Yoko ukemi: Sideways fall accompanied by hard slap of tatami (mat).

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