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Handan or Hantan, city (1994 est. pop. 894,000), SW Hebei prov., China. Its position as a communication and transportation center has led to significant industrial growth. Nearby coal mines at Fengfeng provide power for iron, steel, and textile mills, chemical and cement plants, and other heavy industries.

Handan is a prefecture-level city located in the southwestern part of Hebei Province of China.


Handan was the capital of the state of Zhao during the Warring States period, after the changing of its capital from Zhongmu. The city was conquered by Qin after the virtual annexation of Zhao by Qin except for the Dai Commandry. Qin Shi Huang visited the city once and ordered all enemies of his mother to be buried alive.

Handan was still regarded as a commercial centre during the western and eastern Han dynasties, but slowly it declined, perhaps because of the numerous battles ravaging northern China after the Han.

Handan is now mainly an industrial city. It still has some attractions, most coming from Zhao folklore, like the road in which Lin Xiangru backed into in order to let his nemesis, Lian Po, pass first, and the place in which Lian Po begged for Lin Xiangru's forgiveness. .


The population, as of 2004, was estimated at 1,390,000 for the urban city center and 8,499,000 for the entire Prefecture-level city area of 12,000 km².


Industrial growth in the city was due to its communication and transport activities. Coal mines at Fengfeng provide power for Handan's iron, steel and textile mills. Chemical and cement plants along with other industries also benefit. The GDP per capita in Renminbi (), aka yuan () was estimated at ¥13,449 in 2005.

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