Hand bra


A handbra (also spelled as hand bra or hand-bra) is a technique wherein a woman covers at least the nipples and areolae of both breasts with her hands, or when someone else uses their hands to cover those areas.

In the Media

The handbra gained peak exposure with Janet Jackson's appearance on the September 1993 cover of Rolling Stone, which later named it their "Most Popular Cover Ever". The pose is a mainstay in lad mags, such as FHM, Maxim and Zoo Weekly that prominently feature photos of scantily clad B-actresses and models. In July 1994, Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis appeared on the cover of Playboy with another model covering her breasts. Photographer Raphael Mazzucco created two prominent handbra photographs for Sports Illustrated: an eight-woman handbra on the cover of the 2006 Swimsuit Issue and a handbra photo of Marisa Miller wearing just an iPod in the 2007 Swimsuit Issue.

The handbra was the subject of a pointed parody advertisement for Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine performed by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Will Ferrell on the May 15, 1999 episode of Saturday Night Live.

There is also a brassiere named the "handbra" that is fashioned in the shape of hands as a parody of the technique.

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