Hamilton—Wentworth was a federal and provincial electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1968 to 1997, and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1934 to 1971.

It was located in the province of Ontario.

Federal riding

The federal riding was created in 1966 from parts of Halton, Hamilton South and Wentworth ridings.

It initially consisted of:

(a) the eastern part of the City of Hamilton (east of a line drawn from north to south along Parkdale Avenue, west along the Canadian National Railway line, south along Strathearne Avenue, west along Roxborough Avenue, south along Kenilworth Avenue, the brow of the Mountain and Mountain Brow Boulevard, east along Mud Street to the east limit of the City of Hamilton);

(b) the Townships of Ancaster, Binbrook and Saltfleet and the southern part of the Township of Glanford (south of County Suburban Road No. 22)

In 1976, it was redefined to consist of the Townships of Flamborough and Glanbrook, the Towns of Ancaster and Dundas, and the southern part of the City of Hamilton (lying south of a line drawn from west to east along Limeridge Road, south along Mountain Brow Boulevard, north along Red Hill Creek, east along the brow of the Mountain to the east city limit.

In 1987, it was redefined to consist of the towns of Ancaster, Dundas and Flamborough, the township of Glanbrook, and the southern part of the City of Hamilton (lying south of a line drawn from east to west along the brow of the Niagara Escarpment, south along Redhill Creek, north along Mountain Brow Boulevard, west along Limeridge Road to St. Jerome School, west to Garth Street, south along Garth Street, and west along the proposed Mountain Freeway to the west city limit.)

The federal electoral district was abolished in 1996 when it was redistributed between Hamilton Mountain, Hamilton West, Stoney Creek and Wentworth—Burlington ridings.

Members of Parliament

This riding elected the following members of the Canadian House of Commons:

  1. Colin David Gibson, Liberal, 1968-1972
  2. Sean O'Sullivan, Progressive Conservative, 1972-1977
  3. Geoff Scott, Progressive Conservative, 1978-1993
  4. John Bryden, Liberal, 1993-1997

Members of Provincial Parliament

This riding elected the following members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

  1. Thomas Baker McQuesten, Liberal, 1934-1943
  2. Frederick Warren, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, 1943-1945
  3. Russell Kelly, Liberal, 1945-1951
  4. Thomas Connell, Progressive Conservative, 1951-1971

Federal election results

|- |GIBSON, Colin David |align="right"| 14,979 |- |VICHERT, Gordon Stewart |align="right"| 12,852 |- |RIDGE, Jim |align="right"| 10,059 |}

|- |O'SULLIVAN, Sean |align="right"| 18,611 |- |GIBSON, Colin David |align="right"| 14,755 |- |MACKENZIE, Bob |align="right"|14,520 |- |MCCANN, Ron |align="right"|294 |- |HAMELIN, A.J. Sid |align="right"| 143 |}

|- |O'SULLIVAN, Sean |align="right"|18,874 |- |CURRY, Norm |align="right"| 17,869 |- |MACKENZIE, Bob |align="right"| 11,029 |}

On the resignation of Mr. O'Sullivan, 14 September 1977: |- |SCOTT, Geoff |align="right"| 20,263 |- |LEE, Ken |align="right"| 14,105 |- |BENNETT, James A. |align="right"| 8,282 |- |JAGGARD, Bob |align="right"| 301 |}

|- |SCOTT, Geoff |align="right"| 22,369 |- |BENNETT, Jim |align="right"| 11,343 |- |HITCHCOCK, David |align="right"| 8,550 |- |BOYLAN, Ann |align="right"| 69 |}

|- |SCOTT, Geoff |align="right"| 18,918 |- |CHARLTON, Bill |align="right"| 13,704 |- |HITCHCOCK, David |align="right"| 9,392 |- |PATTISON, Frances |align="right"| 46 |}

|- |SCOTT, Geoff |align="right"| 25,595 |- |CUNNINGHAM, Eric Gordon |align="right"| 14,193 |- |HITCHCOCK, David |align="right"| 8,836 |- |SANTOR, Bill |align="right"| 333 |- |HUGHES, Edward B. |align="right"| 172 |- |GARDNER, Ed |align="right"| 88 |}

|- |SCOTT, Geoff |align="right"| 23,876 |- |GIBSON, Colin |align="right"| 19,373 |- |MCCREA, Julia |align="right"| 8,989 |- |PENNINGS, Ray |align="right"| 4,113 |- |ZULINIAK, David Cheeko |align="right"| 662 |}

|- |BRYDEN, John |align="right"| 29,701 |- |MULLINS, Mark |align="right"| 16,549 |- |JOHNSON, Ray |align="right"| 14,520 |- |MCCALL, Rick |align="right"| 2,555 |- |ELLIS, Ralph |align="right"| 672 |- |VAN DEN ENDEN, Rien |align="right"| 456 |- |SINCLAIR, Norm |align="right"|353 |}

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