Halo-8 Entertainment

HALO 8 Entertainment

HALO-8 Entertainment is a film production-distribution company specializing in "punk rock cinema, dangerous indie films and alt-culture videos." Halo-8 was formed in 2005 by filmmaker Matt Pizzolo. It currently releases projects from award-winning filmmakers such as Ramzi Abed, Esther Bell, Curt Johnson, Matt Pizzolo, acclaimed visual artists Martin Perreault, M.F. Strangelove, and alt-culture personalities Bianca Beauchamp, Doug Sakmann, Joanna Angel, Chaos, The Hardcore Chef, Peter Hoare.

In June 2008, HALO-8 debuted a new comic book publishing arm at Wizard Entertainment's Wizard World Chicago comic book convention with two flagship series: Godkiller (written by Matt Pizzolo, illustrated by Anna Muckcracker) and How I Lost My Virginity -by Alexandra Jones (written by Matt Pizzolo, penciled and colored by Andrea Blanco, inked by Ale Alvarez).

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