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The Myers Family

Deborah Myers

Halloween character
Deborah Myers
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois, United States
Family (2007 remake): Michael Myers (son)
Judith Myers (daughter)
Laurie Strode (daughter)
Appearances: Halloween
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Sheri Moon
Deborah Myers was once married with whom she had three children: Judith, Michael, Laurie. She lived in a descent home at 45 Lampkin Lane in Haddonfield, Illinois. After a car crash in 1977, Deborah's husband died, leaving Deborah penny-less. Her descent home had now been trashed with junk; Judith turned into a rebel, followed by Michael; and having to take care of a one year old baby. She started to take men into her home and seduce them while they paid for her house and children. Judith called it Deborah's "Fuck of the Month". But after the money died down, Deborah started to get a job at the Rabbit in Red Night Club, where she would dance half-naked while the watchers bought the club's cigarettes. Her latest boyfriend had been an abusive man named Ronnie White. Their relationship lasted until October 31, 1978. Early in the morning, Deborah and Ronnie had an argument about Deborah having to work the late shift. She ignored him and went to the Rabbit in Red as usual when she was called up to Haddonfield Elementary by Principal Chambers. Michael, her son, had been into a fight in the bathroom with a boy named Wesley Rhoades. When she got there, she found out that a doctor named Samuel Loomis had been interested in Michael after finding dead beaten animals in his book-bag. After Michael ran from site, she returned home. After telling Judith to take Michael trick-or-treating, she left for work while Ronnie was passed out on the couch. After an excellent night of dancing, Lou Martini, owner of the Rabbit in Red, left her get out early only to find out that Michael had murdered Judith, Ronnie, and Judith's boyfriend leaving Laura, the baby, all alone. Michael was sent to a mental hospital named Smith's Grove. She visited him frequently there while he had no recollection of killing anyone. One day, after witnessing Michael murder a nurse with a fork, Deborah had realized she had created a monster. After watching old videos of herself and her children, she took out a pistol and shot herself. The sheriff of the town rushed over and asked friends Mason Strode and his wife Cynthia to adopt Laura. That was the last of Deborah. Later on in the film, Michael steals her tombstone.

Michael Myers

Halloween character
Michael Myers
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois, United States
Family (2007 remake): Deborah Myers (mother)
Judith Myers (sister)
Laurie Myers (sister)
Appearances: Halloween
Status: ????
Portrayed by: Tyler Mane
Daeg Faerch
Michael Myers was born on October 19, 1968 to Deborah Myers and James Myers. He was a happy boy with one sister, Judith. Just as his baby sister, Laura, was born, his father died in a car accident. He then became a rebel and hated Judith, while he carried on to love his mother and baby sister. On Halloween, he went to school that morning and was seen by Principal Chambers fighting with an older boy: Wesley Rhoades. He then told Chambers, "Fuck You!" After Chambers called his mother and a psychiatrist, Michael ran from the principals office and fled outside where he followed Wesley Rhoades into the woods. Just as Wesley had turned around, Michael slammed a trunk on Wesley. Michael ends up beating Wesley to death. He proceeded to go home on Deborah, Judith, and Ronnie White, Deborah's boyfriend. As Deborah left for the Rabbit in Red lounge, Judith decided she was not going to take Michael trick-or-treating. She instead decided to have sex with her boyfriend, Steve. Michael walked inside and murdered passed out Ronnie and then Steve. He walked upstairs and stabbed Judith seventeen times. She tried to run away, but died. Michael walked outside with baby Laura and waited for his mother. Deborah came home and called the police. She watched as the bodies of Judith, Ronnie, and Steve were placed into an ambulance and watched as Michael stared at her in the police car. He was sent to Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium under the care of the psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis. He had no recollection of killing anyone. After not talking for two weeks, Deborah visited and watched as Michael killed Nurse Wynn for insulting him. Deborah had killed herself that afternoon. Seventeen Years Later passed and Michael was being brought to a court hearing to see if he could be released. After being denied, Michael killed the security guards, a secretary, and Ismael Cruz, a janitor. He escaped and walked over to Big Joe's Garage where he killed Joe Grizzley and took his over-alls. He proceeded into Haddonfield, his home town, looking for his baby sister, Laura, who had been adopted. He went to his old house, found his old mask, and proceeded for a night of terror. As he watched Laurie and her friends Annie and Lynda, Laurie noticed him often. As Laurie returned home and left for the Doyle house, Michael walked up to Mason Strode, Laurie's adoptive father, and killed him and his wife, Cynthia. He walked from the dead Strode house to his own house where Lynda and her boyfriend Bob Simms. He quickly murdered them and headed to the Wallace house, where he killed Paul, Annie's boyfriend and attacked Annie Brackett, who was babysitting across the street from the Doyle House. Michael left Annie crying for help as he hid behind a door when Laurie and Lindsey Wallace, the girl Annie was babysitting come over and sees Paul's corpse. Lindsey runs back to the Doyle house as Laurie called the police. Michael watched her and attacked. As she fled to the Doyle house, two officers came: Deputy Charles and Officer Lowery. Michael killed them both and took Laurie's body back to the Myers house, where she found Lynda dead. She stabbed Michael and ran out and slipped into the Myers pool, where Dr. Loomis came. He shot Michael three times, Laurie grabs Loomis' gun and shoots. obviously micheal did not die because this was set before the other well known series

Judith Myers

Judith Myers was born in 1961 to Deborah Myers and James Myers. Her baby brother, Michael, was born on October 19, 1968. When her baby sister, Laurie, was born, her father died in a car accident, and Michael became a rebel and fucked her, and Deborah's boyfriend, Ronnie, moved in. On Halloween, 1978, at breakfast, she abused Michael after he killed his rat and she thought he raped his rat. That night, she was told by her mother to take Michael trick-or-treating, and she said yes. After Deborah leaves and Judith's boyfriend, Steve, came, they both went upstairs and decided not to bring Michael trick-or-treating. She and Steve had made out. Steve gave her a big surprise of him scaring her with the white William Shatner mask, but Judith didn't get scared. Steve went downstairs to eat something and leaves the mask on the floor, Michael goes behind him and hits him in the head with an aluminum bat and also killed passed out Ronnie, he put on the white mask, went upstairs, woke Judith up, she abused him again, and Michael took a knife out and gave a big stab in Judith's stomach, she tried to get away, but Michael stabs her again 16 times until she died. Deborah came home and called the police and saw Ronnie, Steve and Judith's bodies on paramedic beds to the ambulance.

Born 1961, Died October 31, 1978

Ronnie White

Is a Bitchy dad. On Halloween night when Deborah is gone Michael taped Ronnies mouth and slit his neck. Then he kills Judith's boyfriend with a bat and stabs Judith to death. Born 1945, Died 1978

The Strode Family

Laurie Strode

Was born in 1978, and she is the sister of Michael and Judith Myers. On October 31, 1978 Laurie's real Mom went to work leaving her boyfriend, Michael,Judith, Judith's Boyfriend and Laurie in the house. Michael went into a psychotic state and slit Ronnie White's (Deborah's Boyfriend) throat, beat Judith's boyfriend to death with a baseball bat and finally stabbed Judith 17 times. After the deaths Michael went to Laurie's room, he called her boo, and said "Happy Halloween Boo". Michael always loved Laurie and hated Judith and Ronnie White. Debra Myers committed suicide after Michael was committed to Smiths Grove Sanitarium. Sherriff Leigh Bracket was the first one to see Debra's body found Laurie crying and screaming in her crib. The Sheriff unable to let that baby grow up with that kind of legend of a family took her to the Haddonfield General Hospital were she was adopted by Mason Strode and his wife. Laurie grew up happy with her friends Annie Brackett and Lynda Van Der Klok. On October 30, 1995 Michael myers broke out of Smiths grove Sanitarium and began his terror once again without Laurie knowing anything of her life at the Myers house continued with her life. On Halloween 1995 she and her friends were walking home when they realized that someone was looking at them in a mask, it was Michael, but they had no clue. That night Laurie and Annie had a babysitting job across the street from one another. When Annie gave Laurie a ride Laurie's adoptive parents were killed by Michael. Before that Laurie's friend Lynda was at Michael's old House (it was abandoned) having sex with her boyfriend when she asked for a beer he went to go get one on his way back up the stairs he was attacked and killed by Michael. Michael took his glasses and put a sheet over himself and went back to Lynda. Lynda teased Michael, causing him to strangle her. Michael picked her up and put her in the basement. Laurie is now baby sitting Tommy Doyle who keeps taunting her about the Boogeyman. Annie babysitting calls Laurie and asks he she could bring Lindsay Wallace, the girl she is babysitting, over so she can fool around with her boyfriend Paul. Laurie baby-sits the two of them. When Annie is making out with Paul, Michael grabs Paul and stabs him in the chest, killing him. Annie screams and tries to get away but Michael is quicker than she is. Laurie takes Lindsey back to the Wallace house were she finds Paul hanging from a chandelier with a pumpkin over his head. Annie is below him covered in blood and bruised, but still alive. Laurie calls the police and Michael chases after her. Laurie faints and Michael takes Laurie to there old house were they find Lynda and Debra Myer's tombstone. Laurie tries to escape but she can't. Dr. Loomis comes in time but is killed by Michael crushing his skull. Laurie is able to obtain the gun and shoots Michael in the face after the gun had malfunctioned. Laurie screams until the police come.

Laurie Strodes ill fated foster mother in halloween (2007) played by Dee Wallace.

Smith's Grove Institution Employees

Dr. Samuel Loomis

He was Micheals doctor and gave up on him until he found out Michael had escaped. He was in an unknown town and went to Haddonfield to save Laurie from Michael. He was almost killed by Michael near the end of the movie but in the unrated version of the film you see that he survives

Morgan Walker

Dr. Koplenson

Ismael Cruz

Ismael (played by Danny Trejo) was one of the caretakers of Michael Myers when Michael was held at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Ismael believed he had developed a sort of bond with Michael, since he had been his caretaker for more than 15 years. Although being close to Michael, in the Director's Cut version of Halloween, Michael brutally attacks Ismael, submerges his head into a sink filled with water, and then drops a television onto him. Rob Zombie stated that he killed off Ismael to show the viewers how incompassionate Michael could truly be.

Noel Kluggs

Larry Redgrave

punk in his own mind

Nurse Wynn

Insulted micheal when he was 10. He then killed her with a fork. She also played the nurse in the original Halloween she drove the car with loomis in it

Zach Garrett

Patty Frost

Kendall Jacks

Stan Payne

Haddonfield Residents

Annie Brackett

Lauries best friend leaves lindsey with lauire and starts to make out with her boyfriend paul but michael kills paul and beats her badly but she lives.

leigh brackett

Annie's dad helps doctor loomis search for michael but quits after he find annie.

Lynda van der Klok

Lynda was a wild former cheerleader michael strangles her.

Tommy Doyle

A boy who is scared of the boogeyman. he told Laurie that the boogeyman has hair all over his face later causing her to think michael is the boogeyman when unmasked. Laurie babysits tommy who keeps on asking her about the boogeyman he is with Annie when michael kidnaps Laurie.

Lindsey Wallace

Lindsey Wallace is the girl that Annie was babysitting. Annie brought Lindsey to Tommy Doyles house while Annie could have sex with her boyfriend Paul. When Laurie takes her home they find Paul's corpse and Annie lying on the floor, Lindsey runs back to the Doyles and calls the police, while Laurie stays with Annie.

Bob Simms

Lynda's boyfriend who was killed by Michael on Halloween night by being pinned to the wall with a Kitchen knife.

Paul Freedman

Annie's boyfriend, Michael is seen watching him honk his horn to pick up Annie, he then goes to kill Paul while he's having sex with Annie on the couch and puts a Pumpkin over Paul's head while he hangs from the ceiling.

Lou Martini

Best pasta sauce in town

Principal Chambers

Michael's elementary school principal, after catching Michael fighting with a boy named Wesley Rhoades in the washroom, Michael said "fuck you" to Chambers, which resulted in his mother Deborah Myers being called in, Chambers then brought in Michael's future doctor, Dr. Loomis who wanted to treat Michael for sociopathic behaviour which included picture's of dead animals, and a dead cat in a bag inside his backpack.

Wesley Rhoades (Daryl Sabara) Seventeen Year old teenager. Walking home one day after school and the finds Michael Myers. Mikey has a big branch and starts hitting Wesley to death. Wesley apologizes to Mikey about bullying him but Mikey still beats him to death until Wesley finally died.

Steve Hayley

Was a seventeen year old. was Judith's boyfriend on halloween night he was beaten to death with a aluminum baseball bat by Michael.

Joe Grizzley

Michael killed Joe while he was using the washroom at his garage, Michael took his overalls and wore them the rest of the movie.

Deputy Charles

Officer Lowery

Derek Allen

Taylor Madison

Chester Chesterfield

Barbara Florentine

Grant Clark

Princess Costume #1

Princess Costume #2

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