Half-Penny, Two-Penny

Half-Penny, Two-Penny

"Half-Penny Two-Penny" was the third to last track on Styx's 1981 album Paradise Theatre.

The song was an attack on the financial problems the US was dealing with in the late 1970s.

In the song was the lyric "Yes Mrs. Cleaver your son's home to stay" which referred to Eldridge Cleaver (this was confirmed by James Young on In the Studio with Redbeard when asked about it and then Dennis DeYoung jokingly said "You mean that wasn't about the Beaver"). The track would then segue into "A.D. 1958" which featured a JY guitar solo over a piano melody Dennis DeYoung played before the same melody as the intro to "The Best of Times" and "A.D. 1928" with lyrics pertaining to saying goodbye to Paradise kicked in.

The track was performed on the Paradise Theatre tour as part of the encore along with the track "Borrowed Time" (which was performed before Half-Penny) and "AD 1958" (which Half-Penny segued into).

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