Haldimand, Sir Frederick, 1718-91, British general and colonial governor of Quebec, b. Neuchâtel canton, Switzerland. A soldier of fortune in several European armies before joining (1756) the British forces, he commanded a battalion in America in the last of the French and Indian Wars. Later he was military governor (1762-66) of Trois Rivières dist. in Quebec; commander in chief (1767-73) in Florida, which then extended to the Mississippi River; and commander in chief of North America (1773-74) during Thomas Gage's absence in England. His patience with the colonists during the time of the Boston Tea Party helped to prevent hostilities. Recalled to England at the opening of the American Revolution because it was considered best to have a person of English birth in chief command, he was sent (1778) to Quebec to replace Guy Carleton as governor. There, aided by his native knowledge of French, he succeeded in keeping the loyalty of the French Canadians when France was aiding the Americans. He efficiently organized the defenses of the province, inaugurated a system of canals, and provided admirably for the Loyalist refugees from the revolting colonies. In 1784 he returned to England where he was knighted a year later. His papers, in the British Museum, have been a leading historical source for the events of the period.

See biography by J. N. McIlwraith (rev. ed. 1926).

Brant—Haldimand was a federal and provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1953 to 1968, and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1987 to 1999.

Federal electoral district

The federal riding was created in 1952 from parts of Brant—Wentworth and Haldimand.

It consisted of the counties of Haldimand and Brant. The townships of Burford and Oakland in Brant were excluded, along with the part of the township of Brantford lying south and west of Grand River, the part of the township of Brantford not included in the electoral district of Brantford, and the city of Brantford.

The electoral district was abolished in 1966 when it was redistributed between Brant, Norfolk—Haldimand and Welland (electoral district)|Welland]] ridings.

Members of Parliament

This riding elected the following Members of Parliament:

  1. John A. Charlton, Progressive Conservative (1953-1962)
  2. Larry T. Pennell, Liberal (1962-1968)

Provincial electoral district

The provincial riding consisted of Brant County (except the city of Brantford), the township of North Dumfries (excluding the part that extended east of Cambridge), and the municipalities of Haldimand, and Dunnville. The riding was abolished into Cambridge, Brant, Haldimand—Norfolk—Brant and Erie—Lincoln.

Members of Provincial Parliament

This riding elected the following members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

  1. Robert Nixon, Liberal (1987-1991)
  2. Ronald Eddy, Liberal (1992-1995)
  3. Peter L. Preston, Progressive Conservative (1995-1999)

Federal election results

|- |CHARLTON, John A. |align="right"|10,059 |- |DISHER, Garfield |align="right"| 9,305 |- |DAVISON, Norman A. |align="right"| 1,358 |}

|- |CHARLTON, John A. |align="right"| 12,858 |- |DISHER, Garfield |align="right"| 8,063 |- |MACKAY, Charlie L. |align="right"| 2,168 |}

|- |CHARLTON, John A. |align="right"| 15,182 |- |MADDEN, Walter |align="right"| 6,630 |- |PRINCE, Herbert |align="right"| 1,462 |}

|- |PENNELL, Larry T. |align="right"| 11,278 |- |CHARLTON, John A. |align="right"| 10,883 |- |GOOD, Allen Charles |align="right"|2,626 |- |MALLORY, George S. |align="right"| 941 |}

|- |PENNELL, Larry T. |align="right"| 12,733 |- |SKINNER, A. Gordon |align="right"| 10,814 |- |MOWLE, William B. |align="right"| 2,274 |- |FEHR, David |align="right"| 557 |}

|- |PENNELL, Larry T. |align="right"| 13,179 |- |BRADBURY, Joe |align="right"| |BLACKBURN, Derek |align="right"| 4,813 |}

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