Hal Borland

Hal Borland

Hal Borland (May 14, 1900 - February 22, 1978) was a well-known American author. He was born in Sterling, Nebraska and studied at the University of Colorado and Columbia University. He eventually became a journalist for publications such as the Denver Post, The New York Times, and Audubon Magazine. Books that he wrote included High, Wide, and Lonesome, This Hill, This Valley and The Seventh Winter. His 1963 When the Legends Die, about the struggles of a young Ute Indian to live apart from white society, has become a young adult classic, and was made into a 1972 film.

Borland died in Sharon, Connecticut at the age of 77.

Harold Glen Borland was and still is one of the most amazing outdoor writers and has influenced many future naturalists around the world. He made a dream come to a reality and he did it so easily, it seems. If anything Harold did leave the world with some of the most important and most interesting information that we have about the Plains in the early 1900's. He was married to Barbra Borland and they lived on a {{c
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