Hadong County (Hadong-gun) is a county in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.


Hadong was called 'Dasachon' (county of much sand) in Jinguk period, and was part of 'Nangnoguk', one of 12 Byeonhan countries. According to 'History of Three Countries', it was 'Handasa-gun' and was changed into 'Hadong-gun' in 757 during the reign of King Gyeongdeok. In Goryeo, it was 'Hadong-hyeon' and in 1414, the 14th year of Taejong, it became 'Hanamhyeon' with 'Namhaehyeon'. It was raised to the status of 'Hadongdohobu' in 1740, the 30th year of Sukjong.

Green tea

Nestled between the Seomjin river and Jiri mountain, Hadong is known for its stunning scenery. It also boasts a reputation for its peaceful, friendly, and rural atmosphere. Hadong is famous for its green tea, and holds a yearly green tea festival during May and June. Hadong's popularity as a tourist destination continues to rise each year, and the local government plays an active role in attracting visitors. The county even sponsored a tourism advertisement that aired on CNN in 2007.


Hadong has long been considered a beautiful and refreshing rural area. While much of Korea has experienced an unprecedented explosion of industrial development, Hadong remains a popular destination for those who wish to escape the bustle of city living. Unfortunately, a lack of activity in the industrial sector has left the government with little incentive to expanding the sometimes inadequate existing road infrastructure. Recently, a petition for the allocation of funds for new road construction has been signed by a large number of Hadong residents.

South Korean president Lee Myeong bak has recently announced plans for the construction of a Gyeongsangnam-do leisure resort palace in Hadong.

Hadong Wild Tea Culture

Hadong is the place where the pure Seomjin River is flowing with the elegant natural scenery of Mt. Jiri National Park and Hanryeo sea area.

It has taken place within county area with the green tea scent of thousand years alive is a culture tour festival.

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