One of the Remote village in India. A very nice and Wonderful environment round the year with almost No pollution. The village consists of 4 to 5 different sectors of people all of them do live with Mutual understanding, Which we rarely see in a Cement Land or So called Cities. Haanagal does have a small Lake which is the main water reserve for the whole village. It does also serve all the water for the Agricultural Land which makes the green patch around the Village.


Most of the People do follow Hinduism, and the Village does have couple of Rama-Mandiras and couple of Temples where they do offerings for the God. The main diety in the Major Temple of the Village is "HANAGALLAMMA", and in Ramamandira's People do worship "Sri Ramachandra".


The Village does have a school for Elimentary Education and for High-school. For the Higer studies students prefer to go out to the Cities.


Public Transporation to this place is 2 times a day !!! The story is same across all the Remote Villages in India.


The Village does have a Yearly once Festival called Jatre or "HANAGALLAMMA Rathothsava", for which people from most of the villages around the relatives of the people from the Cities Visit. The Event will be for 2 days and the whole Village will be decorated like a new bride.

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