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Haag, Den: see Hague, The.
Rudolf Haag postulated that the interaction picture does not exist in an interacting, relativistic quantum field theory, something now commonly known as Haag's Theorem. The theorem was subsequently proved by a number of different authors. It is, however, inconvenient as in the canonical development of perturbative quantum field theory - which includes quantum electrodynamics - cited as one of the great successes of modern science - the interaction picture is used throughout.

Citing the formulation used by Arageorgis:


Further reading

  • John Earman, Doreen Fraser, Haag's Theorem and Its Implications for the Foundations of Quantum Field Theory, Erkenntnis 64 (2006): 305-344, online at philsci-archive
  • Doreen Fraser, Haag’s Theorem and the Interpretation of Quantum Field Theories with Interactions, PhD thesis, U. of Pittsburgh, online

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