Hot FM (Australian radio network)

Hot FM is an Australian radio network, consisting of stations in north and central Queensland and Western Australia.

The brand was created by DMG Radio Australia, before they sold their regional stations to Macquarie Regional RadioWorks in 2004.

Hot 91.1FM Sunshine Coast is not owned by Macquarie; DMG sold it in early 2005 to A Investments. In 2007, A Investments later sold Hot 91 to Prime Television. Macquarie and Prime have arrangements with DMG for the use of the Hot FM brand.

There is also an unrelated Hot FM in Mildura, Victoria.


The two networks (Queensland and Western Australia) are programmed independently of each other, but share the same format (contemporary hits, with a focus on Top 40 and rock music), with slight variations on the playlists, and common network programming from the east coast.

Each station in the Queensland network have their own local breakfast programme. The West Australian network have the same programmes across all its stations. Advertising is local in each market.



  • 5am to 9am - Marty and Becks
  • 9am to Midday - Mornings with Pickle
  • Midday to 3pm - Big K's Maximum Music Workday
  • 3pm to 6pm - The Benchwarmers with Ant and Becks
  • 6pm to 9pm - Down Load Show
  • 9pm to Midnight - The Local
  • Midnight to 5.30am - Truck Radio with Mel


  • 5.00am to 9am - Banksy and Steve
  • 9am to Midday - TK
  • Midday to 3pm - Shayne (Sonic) Sinclair
  • 3pm to 6pm - The Benchwarmers with Ant and Becks (Gold Coast)
  • 6pm to 9pm - The List with Matty and Renee (Gold Coast)
  • 9pm to 11pm - The Local

Hot 91 Sunshine Coast

  • 6am to 10am - Ronnie, Todd & Sami For Breakfast
  • 10am to 3pm - Bevo (Lee Bevington)
  • 3pm to 6pm - Power & Pete (Sammy Power and Peter Timbs)
  • 6pm to 7pm - Music Gurus Countdown
  • 7pm to 10pm - Blake
  • SAT 6am to 8am - The Sin Bin with Nuggett & Crash (Sport)
  • SAT 8am to 10am - Radio Real Estate
  • SAT 10am to 4pm - Various Jocks
  • SAT 4pm to 6pm - Music Gurus Countdown
  • SAT 6pm to Midnight - Hypercolour Hits
  • SUN 10am to 4pm - Various Jocks
  • SUN 4pm to 8pm - Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40

Western Australia

Hot FM Stations


Western Australia

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