HMS Queen (1769)

HMS Queen

Fifteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Queen. It is one of the oldest ship names of the Royal Navy dating from the time of Henry III of England.

  • The first Queen was built in 1225, and its fate is unknown.
  • The second Queen was a 100 gun first rate built in 1673 as HMS Royal Charles and renamed Queen in 1693, then renamed to HMS Royal George in 1715.
  • The third Queen was a 98 gun second rate built in 1769. The ship was reduced to 74 guns in 1811 and broken up in 1821.
  • Five minor ships named Queen were hired by the Royal Navy between 1778 and 1805.
  • The ninth Queen was a 110 gun first rate built in 1839. In 1859 the ship was fitted with a screw propellor and she was broken up in 1871.
  • The tenth Queen was a Formidable-class pre-dreadnought battleship launched in 1902. In 1920 the ship was sold and it was broken up the following year.
  • During World War I, the Royal Navy requisitioned four vessels -- a patrol vessel, a tug, a trawler, and a drifter -- named Queen.
  • The fifteenth Queen, formerly the USS St Andrews, was an aircraft carrier built in 1943 and later transferred to the RN in that year. She was returned to the USN in 1946. Also
  • A paddle sloop named Queen launched in 1839 served in Her Majesty's Indian Navy, a colonial precursor to the Indian Navy, and remained in service until at least 1860.

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