HKD Napredak

HKD Napredak

HKD Napredak (fully Hrvatsko Kulturno Društvo Napredak, or Croatian Cultural Society Napredak) is a cultural society of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was formed as the "Croatian aid society for the needs of students in middle and higher schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina" in Mostar and the "Croatian society for the placement of children in trades and business" in Sarajevo, both in 1902. In 1907 the two groups united, taking on the current name.

Napredak's headquarters are in Sarajevo where the organization built the impressive Napredak Palace in 1923. The society continued its work until 1949 when it was disbanded by Yugoslav authorities. It was reformed in 1990 with about 20,000 members under the leadership of its president Franjo Topić.

The society's original purpose was to help educate youths by offering scholarships. The society broadened its aim to include preserving the Croatian culture of all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Napredak has dozens of branches all over the country as well as in Croatia itself.

Famous people given scholarships by Napredak


  • Anto Palandžić (1907)
  • Tugomir Alaupović (1907 - 1909)
  • Antun Tandarić (1909 - 1921)
  • Aleksa Đebić (1921 - 1923)
  • Anto Alaupović (1923 - 1945)
  • Vlado Čaldarević (1945 - 1949)
  • Franjo Topić (1990-)

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