Hürriyet (meaning Liberty) is an influential, high-circulation broadsheet daily Turkish newspaper. Hürriyet was founded by Sedat Simavi on 1 May 1948 with a staff of 48, and selling 50,000 in its first week. Hürriyet was Simavi's 59th and last publication; a realization of his goal of "ingraining and defending democracy".

Hürriyet is published by the Doğan Group and has a secular and strongly nationalist leaning, as expressed in its renowned motto, "Turkey belongs to Turks (Türkiye Türklerindir; a phrase allegedly coined by the publisher Cevat Rifat Atilhan). To the left of its logo is found a composition of an Atatürk portrait, a Turkish flag with the motto.

Hürriyet combines a tabloid-style editorial line with high-profile columnists like Oktay Ekşi, Doğan Uluç and Bekir Coşkun. Owing to the owner Aydın Doğan's history with the Turkish conglomerate Koç Holding, the paper is a criticized for taking a positive stance towards Koç.

Hürriyet has close ties with the Axel Springer AG daily Bild.

Kai Diekmann is a member of the executive board of Hürriyet.

Hürriyet also has European and North American editions. Its online edition includes a small English edition.



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