Gyalia Karfia

Gyalia Karfia

Gyalia Karfia is an album by popular Greek artist Keti Garbi. It was released in 1990 by CBS Records Greece.

Track listing

  1. "To Tzini" (The Jeanie)
  2. "Gyalia Karfia" (Glass And Nails)
  3. "Enohos"
  4. "Psemataki" (Little Lie)
  5. "Se Skeftomai" Pantou (I Always Think OF You)
  6. "Mi Me Pedeveis" (Don't Torture Me)
  7. "Fantasmataki" (Little Ghost)
  8. "Pose Ksereis" (How Much You Know)
  9. "Zo Sta Oneira Sou" (I Live In Your Dreams)
  10. "Tha Trelathoume" (We Will Go Crazy)

Video Clips

  1. "Fantasmataki" (Little Ghost)
  2. Gyalia Karfia (Glass and Nails)

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