Gyala Peri

Gyala Peri

Gyala Peri (Chinese: 加拉白垒, Pinyin: Jiālābáilěi) is the smaller sister peak to Namcha Barwa; the two peaks are the easternmost 7000 metre peaks in the Himalaya range.

The height of this peak is also sometimes listed as 7150 m.

Gyala Peri lies just north of the Great Bend of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the main river of southeastern Tibet, which becomes the Brahmaputra in India. It is across the river from the higher Namcha Barwa.

Notable Features

Though not one of the highest peaks in the Himalaya, Gyala Peri has great vertical relief above local terrain, particularly above the deep valley of the Tsangpo gorge.

Climbing History

The first ascent of Gyala Peri was in 1986, by a Japanese expedition, via the South Ridge. The group spent about one and one-half months on the mountain.

The Himalayan Index lists no other ascents of this peak.


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