Gweru Polytechnic Institute

Gweru Polytechnic Institute

Gweru Polytechnic College is a technical college located in the Midlands College, Zimbabwe, and it provides training facilities for over 60 courses in five divisions. The college is located approximately 1.5 km north of Gweru city centre. Its main focus is to produce quality technical education and training for industry and commerce in Zimbabwe.

Gweru Polytechnic offers learning to more than 2000 students. Its 6 divisions deliver quality certificates and diplomas. These embrace new directions and opportunities in research that drive the culture of innovation. The divisions are Commerce, Engineering, NASS, Education, and Applied Sciences.

Since 1999, Gweru Polytechnic and Humber Business School have worked together to promote the development of small business in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Humber business faculty have visited Zimbabwe to conduct seminars and workshops on needs assessment and curriculum development, and Humber postgraduate business students have completed 8-week summer field placements in Zimbabwe.

Educational objectives

Gweru Polytechnic strives to produce highly skilled and patriotic personnel to satisfy the demands of the local and national community, to promote research science and technology, to promote entrepreneurship, and to produce and provide training/learning materials.

The college's immediate prioroties are to

  • Create a conducive training and learning environment.
  • Provide adequate facilities, qualified staff, and financial resources.
  • Improve life skill education including HIV and AIDS.
  • Promote cooperation with industry and various stakeholders.
  • Improve communication with the public.

Polytechnic Life

Gweru Polytechnic has produced innovative students since its inception. The list is endless and some politicians have been educated and even lectured at the institution. There has been few cases of student misbehaviour thus it has stood as one of the powerhouses of education in the Midlands Province. 'My life at the Polytechnic has been tremendous, I had a great time with my friends Zvambi,Camaro,Nobu ooh the list is endless, and the lecturers too were supportive.'This is what one of the IT student class of 2006 said.

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