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Gwenview is an image viewer for the KDE desktop environment. The current maintainer is Aurélien Gâteau. The word "Gwen" means "white" in the Breton language and is commonly used as a first name. While it was available in KDE 3, the KDE 4 version has a simplified user interface, making it more suitable for quickly browsing through collection of images. Gwenview is also used to display images. It provides full-screen interface that can be used to display images as a slide-show.

Major features:

  • Directory browser
  • Image viewer
  • Metadata comment editor
  • Thumbnail image view of current directory
  • Use of KIPI (KDE Image Plugins Interface) plugins for manipulating images


Version 1.4.0, released in September 2006, adds several new major features, including:

Latest version for KDE 3 is 1.4.2, released in September 2007. Current version is 2.1 released with KDE 4.


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