Gustav Adolph Platz

Gustav Adolph Kenngott

Gustav Adolph Kenngott (January 6, 1818 - March 7, 1897) was a German mineralogist.

He was born at Breslau. After being employed in the Hofmineralien-Cabinett at Vienna, he became professor of mineralogy in the university of Zürich. He was distinguished for his researches on mineralogy, crystallography and petrology. He died at Lugano.


  • Lehrbuch der reinen Krystallographie (1846)
  • Lehrbuch der Mineralogie (1852 and 1857; 5th ed., 1880)
  • Übersicht der Resultate mineralogischer Forschungen in den Jahren 1844-1865 (7 vols., 1852-1868)
  • Die Minerale der Schweiz (1866)
  • Elemente der Petrographie (1868)


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