Groote Schuur

Groote Schuur

Groote Schuur [Afrik.,=large barn], estate, Cape Town, Western Cape, SW South Africa. The main building of the estate, which is a good example of Dutch colonial architecture, was erected on the site of a large barn dating from 1657. It once was the home of Cecil Rhodes and is now the residence of South Africa's prime minister. The Univ. of Cape Town is on the grounds of the estate; in 1967, Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the world's first human heart transplant operation there.

Groote Schuur Hospital (also known as "GSH" or, colloquially, "Grotties") is a large, government-funded, teaching hospital situated on the slopes of Devil's Peak in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded in 1938 and is famous for being the institution where the first human heart transplant took place, conducted by University of Cape Town-educated surgeon Christiaan Barnard on the patient Louis Washkansky.

Groote Schuur is the chief academic hospital of the University of Cape Town's medical school, providing tertiary care and instruction in all the major branches of medicine. The hospital underwent major extension in 1984 when two new wings were added; the old main building now mainly houses several academic clinical departments as well as a museum about the first heart transplant. The hospital is an internationally-acclaimed research institution and is world-renowned for its trauma unit, anaesthesiology and internal medicine departments. Groote Schuur attracts many visiting medical students, residents and specialists each year who come to gain experience in various fields. As at December 2006 the hospital employed over 500 doctors, 1300 nurses and 250 allied health professionals.

Groote Schuur is Dutch for 'Great Barn' and is named after the original Groote Schuur estate laid out by Dutch settlers when the city of Cape Town was founded in the 17th Century.


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