Grolm are fictional animals used by the Seanchan in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books.


Weighing three hundred to five hundred pounds, grolm are the size of large bears, only with the gray green coloration and skin texture of very tough frogs. Like the torm, they have three eyes. They are predatory, violent, and known to eat their own dead.

When walking, grolm appear awkward, moving with a waddling motion. All traces of awkwardness vanish when they run.

Grolm are used in battle, though normally only against lightly armored opponents to break holes in an enemy line which will then be quickly exploited by human soldiers. They are very useful against cavalry, as horses often panic in their presence unless specifically trained to tolerate the grolm.

They are extremely difficult to kill, given that non-fatal wounds seldom incapacitate them, and they heal rapidly. With traditional weaponry (without channeling), grolm can only be killed by a strike to one of its small eyes. They have very good vision, a keen sense of smell, and are extremely territorial.

First Met

Grolm were first seen in the The Great Hunt by Rand Al'Thor in an alternate universe

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