Grob G-120

Grob G-120

The Grob G 120A is a two seated training and aerobatic low-wing aircraft with a corrosion-free carbon composite airframe. It is based on the Grob G 115TA training aircraft and is specially designed for military and civil pilots training. It has a tricycle landing gear and a cross empennage.

The first buyer was Lufthansa Flight Training.


The airframe made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic is totally corrosion free and provides the maintenance accessibility of the built-in parts. It enables the aircraft to stand the aerobatic program up to +6/-4g. Its minimum service life is just over 15,000 flight hours.

The cockpit provides room for students wearing military equipment and helmets. The plane is equipped with movable seats and rudder pedals and an air conditioning system. A second thrust lever is available.


{{aircraft specifications

|plane or copter?=plane |jet or prop?=prop

|ref={name of first source} |crew=Two |capacity= |length main= 8.11 m |length alt= 26 ft 7 in |span main= 10.18 m |span alt= 33 ft 5 in |height main= 2.66 m |height alt= 8 ft 9 in |area main= 13.3 m² |area alt=143.1 ft² |airfoil= |empty weight main= kg |empty weight alt= lb |loaded weight main= kg |loaded weight alt= lb |useful load main= 360 kg |useful load alt= 792 lb |max takeoff weight main= 1440 kg |max takeoff weight alt= 3,168 lb |more general= Propeller: 3-blade constant speed

  • Max. landing weight: 1440kg (3,168 lb)
  • Usable fuel: 252 ltr / 66.6 US Gal
  • Aspect ratio: 7.82

|engine (prop)=Lycoming AEIO-540-D4D5 |type of prop=6-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine |number of props=1 |power main=194 kW |power alt= 260 hp |power original=

|max speed main= 320 km/h |max speed alt= 172 knots, 197 mph |cruise speed main= 307 km/h |cruise speed alt= 166 knots, 189 mph |stall speed main= 102 km/h |stall speed alt= 55 knots, 63 mph |never exceed speed main= |never exceed speed alt= |range main= 1535 km |range alt= 830 nm, 947 mi |ceiling main= |ceiling alt= |climb rate main= 6.51 m/sec |climb rate alt=1,280 ft/min |loading main= kg/m² |loading alt= lb/ft² |thrust/weight= |power/mass main= W/kg |power/mass alt= hp/lb |more performance=

  • Take-off distance to 15m/50ft: 654 m (2,150 ft)
  • Landing distance to 15m/50ft: 562 m (1,845 ft)
  • Max. load factors: +6g / -4g
  • Min structural service life (aerobatic): 15,000 flight hours

|armament= |avionics= }}



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