Grini prison camp was a Nazi concentration camp located outside Oslo, Norway, in the municipality of Bærum. It was originally built as a women's prison in 1939 but was put into use as a concentration camp, primarily for Norwegian political prisoners, on May 2, 1941. One prisoner inducted on that day was Andreas Møll Hansen, a student in the Norwegian underground.

Altogether, 20,000 prisoners passed through Grini, and at most there were 5,000 at any time. The total number killed there is unknown, though the Gestapo and police often used the area for purposes of torture, and at least eight were executed. British airborne troops sent by glider to sabotage the Norsk Hydro heavy-water plant (Operation Freshman) crashed in Norway due to foul weather. The survivors were transferred to Grini, and executed. Executions normally took place at Akershus Fortress.

After the war, the prison was used for Norwegians convicted of treason and renamed Ilebu. It was closed in 1950 but reopened in 1952 as "landsfengsel og sikringsanstalt" (national prison and security institution), a prison for criminals serving long-term sentences.

Notable camp prisoners included:

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