Grimm Tales (album)

Grimm Tales (album)

Grimm Tales marks Nox Arcana's ninth full-length album in four years. Like several of their other albums, this music is also inspired by classic literature. In this case, the folktales of the Brothers Grimm. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, chello, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and various wind and percussive instruments, which serve to establish the intended theme. In keeping with the dark fairytale theme, ominous narrations from a "Witch Queen" and the deep, resonant voice of her male counterpart are featured on several tracks, as well as the raspy voice of an aging Crone as she invokes a magical spell.

Artist and composer Joseph Vargo also wrote an original fable for this cd. Expressed in poetic verse, it tells of a wicked Witch Queen who has cast a spell upon the land of Faerie, condeming its inhabitants to a neverending darkness, and two children who fall asleep one night to awaken in the dark realm. The wayward children set out upon a quest to find a magical "Crystal Key" which is rumored to open a gateway between the "Realm of Fable" and their home.

The release date for this album coincides with Walpurgis Night.


Music composed and performed by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.

  1. Fable—2:03
  2. Twilight—2:56
  3. Once Upon a Nightmare—3:58
  4. Shadow Forest—3:49
  5. Eyes in the Dark—2:58
  6. The Hollow—1:11
  7. Sylvan Spirits—2:45
  8. Wicked Heart—2:50
  9. Conjuration—1:49
  10. Night Wraiths—2:30
  11. Deep in the Woods—2:21
  12. The Forgotten Path—5:05
  13. Fairy Tale—2:09
  14. Crone’s Caverns—2:42
  15. Rise to Destiny—3:16
  16. Labyrinth of Dreams—2:53
  17. Castle of Nightmares—4:01
  18. Hall of the Witch Queen—3:21
  19. Ave Sinistra—4:27
  20. Black Spires —2:52
  21. Darkly Everafter—3:28 +hidden track
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