Grim Tales (album)

Grim Tales (album)

Grim Tales is the upcoming third album by Swedish death/thrash metal band One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. It is still in the process of being recorded and is predicted to be released in October/November 2008.

Track listing (in no specific order)

  1. "Misfit With A Machinegun" -
  2. "Cursed By The Knife" -
  3. "Saint Lucifer" -
  4. "Bastards Of Monstrosity" -
  5. "Dominator Of The Flesh" -
  6. "A Date With Suicide" -
  7. "Make Them Die Slowly" -
  8. "Bonebreaker Propaganda" -
  9. "The Frisco Reaper" -
  10. "Death makes it all go away" -

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