Grey Revell

Grey Revell

Grey Revell (born October 28, 1973) is a music producer/songwriter originally from Los Angeles, California. In the late 1990s, he moved to New York City, where like other west coast musicians, including Beck, he found a creative home in the Lower East Side Anti-folk community.

With a strong emphasis on melody and atmospherics, His own work has drawn comparisons to artists like Grant Lee Phillips, Joe Henry, and Brian Eno.

His song Gone Gone was featured in the Antifolk Vol. 1 compilation disc released by Rough Trade.

"I'd Still Remember", featured on 2005's Little Animals, became a minor hit among fans of the National Lampoon film, Adam and Eve, starring Emmanuelle Chriqui.

He is divorced from New Orleans artist Patricia Grace, with whom he has one child, and currently living in North Carolina.

Grey has released five albums independently since 1998, his most recent Little Animals being released in November 2005. A compilation of new and archival material, Midnight Music: Shiny Crows, Crazy Tracks and Other Animals, is slated for a 2008 release.


  • Midnight Eye - 1998
  • Crazy Like An Ambush - 1999
  • The Green Train - 2000
  • Kamikaze - 2002
  • Little Animals - 2005
  • ''Midnight Music: Shiny Crows, Crazy Tracks and Other Animals - 2008

Production/Session credits

  • Take Me Down - Angelina Cuneo
  • Casanova - Attila's Honey
  • The Have and The Have Nots - Ben Henry
  • Whirlwind - Case Federal
  • Gunslinger - Chas Willimon
  • Remnants of a Lost Culture - The Mystics
  • The Man with the Artichoke Heart - Brer Brian
  • Fueling the Fire of Delusion - Deep Sound Diver
  • Tentative 2008 Release - Juanburguesa
  • Kids Fly Free - Lach
  • The Show Is On The Road - Paleface
  • Name Her Lucky - Patsy Grace
  • The Wise Sophia - Patsy Grace
  • Prepare to Meet Your Maker - Peter Dizzoza

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