Green Team Advertising

Green Team Advertising

Green Team Advertising is a New York City-based, full-service strategic communications agency. Founded in 1993, Green Team specializes in three core competencies: travel / destination, cause related marketing, and progressive brands. It is considered one of the first green advertising agencies (possibly the original). The company also maintains a blog here

Green Team's mission statement, as taken from their website, is that "We consider the environment to include every social, natural and cultural surrounding that impacts the health of our minds, bodies and spirits. So defined, museums and marshlands are equally critical habitats; workplace diversity and World Heritage sites are both in need of preservation; and racial discrimination is just as toxic as diesel fumes."

Green Team president Hugh Hough was chosen as one of Al Gore's ambassadors for the Inconvenient Truth film in 2007.

Awakening Consumer

Green Team coined the term Awakening Consumer, relating to consumers that were calculating a company's or brand's values in addition to the price/performance ratio, when making a purchase. The Awakening Consumer demographic is similar, though more expansive, to the market segment designated LOHAS.

Green Team's research and development arm, gThink, is a web publication which offers a look "inside the mind of the Awakening Consumer."

After These Messages

After These Messages is a communications review site updated daily by Green Team, in which advertising and communications are rated by an open community on the basis of creative quality as well as social responsibility.


Green Team Australia

Green Team Australia, located in Hobart, Tasmania since 2007, is an independently-owned franchise of Green Team. The company regularly updates a blog Heather Rose, Green Team Australia's Executive Chairman, is notably a best-selling author in Australia.

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