Greek Ship Spetsai

Greek Ship

The Greek Ship is an old decayed ship landed at southwest coast of Kish Island, Iran.


On July 26, 1966, Kish Island residents saw a huge ship beached on the western coral coast of the island.

Most people believe that the ship ran aground because there are few lighthouses in the area or maybe an error in the calculations of the captain. Several experts researched on how to remove the ship. It was concluded that it was not practical to move the ship. The decision was made to keep it in place.


Over time, corrosion and oxidation caused the decay of the metal trunk of the ship. People were able to gain access to the ship for a short time. This caused the rear part to collapse.

Tourism attraction

The area attracts many tourists who come to view the sunset.

About the ship

The ship was built in 1943 by William Hamilton Company in Port Glasgow, Scotland. Ship Weight was 7601 Tons and its length was 136 Meters. When stranded, she flew the Greek Flag.


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