Greek Cup 2006-07

Project SuperStar Season 2 (2006-07)

Project SuperStar is a singing talent search competition organised by MediaCorp and broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm on Channel U in Singapore. Project SuperStar was organised to uncover and develop young talent in Mandarin pop in Singapore. Closely modelled after the Pop Idol, 24 contestants were selected to enter the Quarter Finals of the competition. For both seasons, it was hosted by Quan Yifeng and Jeff Wang. Episodes were pre-recorded, and broadcast on Wednesday for male contestants, while episodes on Thursday feature female contestants. Result shows were also pre-recorded, and shown on the same Thursday of the week at 11.30pm.

This article is on Season 2.

Project SuperStar 2006-07 (Season 2)

Season 2 was broadcast from 8 November, 2006 to 4 February, 2007.

When the auditions are launched in early September, over 6000 aspirants came to audition, breaking the record of all star-searching contests in Singapore.

The table below shows the 24 contestants who competed.

Contestant Chinese Name Age Order Of Elimination

Daren Tan Sze Wei 陈世维 23 Male Champion
Overall Champion

Lydia Tan Di Ya 陈迪雅 21 Female Champion
Eliminated 4 Feb 2007

Nathaniel Tan Kern Bai 陈铿百 20 Eliminated 18 Jan 2007

Carrie Yeo Chia Ying 杨佳盈 25 Eliminated 18 Jan 2007

Kelvin Soon Boon Hai 孙文海 25 Eliminated 11 Jan 2007

Averil Chan Shi Yun 陈诗韵 22 Eliminated 11 Jan 2007

Zhang Le Sheng 张乐声 25 Eliminated 04 Jan 2007

Michelle Lew Ruo Wen 刘若雯 24 Eliminated 04 Jan 2007

Jon Toh Hong Lim 卓坊林 27 Eliminated 28 Dec 2006

Maxilian Chan Yu Shu 曾裕淑 19 Eliminated 28 Dec 2006

Jeremy Chan Ming Yao 田铭耀 25 Eliminated 14 Dec 2006

Chua Wee Jian 蔡伟健 19 Eliminated 14 Dec 2006

Charlotte Loh Feng Yi 罗凤仪 25 Eliminated 14 Dec 2006

Jeremy Kwan Jing Han 官镜瀚 23 Eliminated 07 Dec 2006

Sheila Ou Qian Yu 欧千瑜 21 Eliminated 07 Dec 2006

Dawn Wong Chuan Mei 黄川美 22 Eliminated 07 Dec 2006

Anson Goh Heng Yong 吴幸荣 27 Eliminated 30 Nov 2006

Jeff Teay Che Wai 谢子伟 26 Eliminated 30 Nov 2006

Lee Her Ching 李何菁 23 Eliminated 30 Nov 2006

Tang Ling Yi 汤灵伊 19 Eliminated 30 Nov 2006

Kenny Lim Dao Wen 林道文 22 Eliminated 23 Nov 2006

Huang Shi Yu 黄仕昱 24 Eliminated 23 Nov 2006

Magdalene Yeong Yan Yi 杨艳宜 22 Eliminated 23 Nov 2006

Veron Yang Xue Ni 杨雪妮 24 Eliminated 23 Nov 2006

Due to some contract violation, a quarter-finalist and hot favourite Tay Ke Wei was disqualified from the Top 24, the latter's position was given to Sheila Ou Qian Yu, a customer service officer, who was ousted in the top 40 audition.


  • Top 16 : Retro Night: The 1980s to 1990s
  • Top 10 : A slow song and a dance item
  • Top 8 : Oldies Night: The 1940s to 1970s
  • Top 6 : Theme song of a local drama
  • Top 6 : Theme song of a movie
  • Top 4 : One English song of their choice
  • Top 4 : One Chinese song of their choice
  • Top 4 : Productions choice, same song, different rendition
  • Top 2 : One rock song (will require the finalist to dance, live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One unplugged song (live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One hip-hop song (will require the finalist to dance)
  • Top 2 : One jazz/bossa nova song (live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One personally selected pop song (live band will be accompanied)

Among the 10 semi-finalists, Carrie Yeo Chia Ying made it to the top 4, and became the eventual 1st runner-up in the female category, while Daren Tan Sze Wei emerged the overall winner!

The highest record in this season was 44.5 marks by Carrie Yeo in one of the Final's performance.

The lowest was 23 marks by Charlotte Loh Feng Yi, when she lost her confidence when she was ousted in the Quarter-Final and sang "terribly" (quoted from the judges) in the Revival Round.

On 18 January 2007, the 4 finalists competed. Lydia Tan Di Ya emerged as the female champion, with a higher overall score of public votes and judges score, accounting 62.1% as compared to Carrie Yeo's 37.9%. It was a tougher fight for the males, with Daren Tan Sze Wei, the male champion, accounting for 52.72% as compared to Nathaniel Tan's 47.28%.

Both the male and female champion competed in Singapore Indoor Stadium on 4 February 2007. Unlike the 1st season, a contract is only limited to the overall champion, while the rest of the contestants have to wait for recording companies to sign them up.

Daren started off the night with a 60-40 lead in CD single sales. Out of the 5 round of singing, Diya won 3 rounds while Daren won 2 rounds in the hearts of the judges.

Daren won the title of the 2nd season's Singapore Project Superstar with the margin of 59% to Diya's 41%, the closest margin in any star searching competitions held in Singapore at this moment. Previous competition had margins of 61 to 39, 62 to 38, 65 to 35, 64 to 36 and 70 to 30.

Episodic Details (Season 2)

Quarter Final 1A

Index Name Score Status

M1 Kenny Lim 28.5 OUT

M2 Jeremy Tian 27.5
M3 Kelvin Soon 35.5
M4 Jon Toh 29
M5 Huang Shiyu 33 OUT

M6 Jeremy Kwan Jing Han 27
F1 Averil Chan 30.5
F2 Dawn Wong 31.5
F3 Maxillian Chan 28
F4 Carrie Yeo 32
F5 Magdelene Yang 28.5 OUT

F6 Veron Yang 37 OUT

Quarter Final 1B

Index Name Score Status

M1 Chua Wee Jian 32
M2 Nathaniel Tan 28.5
M3 Zhang Le Sheng 36
M4 Anson Goh 31.5 OUT

M5 Jeff Teay 31 OUT

M6 Daren Tan 28.5
F1 Charlotte Loh 27.5
F2 Michelle Lew 34.5
F3 Lee Her Ching 27 OUT

F4 Tang Ling Yi 37 OUT

F5 Sheila Ou 27
F6 Lydia Tan 37.5

Quarter-finals 2A

Index Name Score Status

M1 Zhang Le Sheng 41
M2 Jeremy Kwan 30 OUT

M3 Jon Toh 33.5
M4 Daren Tan 36.5 OUT

F1 Dawn Wong 30 OUT

F2 Michelle Lew 35.5
F3 Averil Chan 27.5
F4 Sheila Ou 27 OUT

Quarter Finals 2B

Index Name Score Status

M1 Jeremy Tian 36 OUT

M2 Nathaniel Tan 36
M3 Chua Wee Jian 30 OUT

M4 Kelvin Soon 41
F1 Maxillian Chan 26.5
F2 Charlotte Loh 30 OUT

F3 Lydia Tan 31.5
F4 Carrie Yeo 29.5 OUT

Revival Round

Index Name Score Status

M1 Jeremy Kwan 26
M2 Chua Wee Jian 30
M3 Daren Tan 41.5 REVIVED

M4 Jeremy Tian 33
F1 Sheila Ou 28.5
F2 Charlotte Loh 23
F3 Carrie Yeo 34.5 REVIVED

F4 Dawn Wong 40.5

Semi-Final 1

Index Name Score Status

M1 Jon Toh 29.5 OUT

M2 Kelvin Soon 38
M3 Zhang Le Sheng 34.5
M4 Nathaniel Tan 42
M5 Daren Tan 43
F1 Averil Chan 28
F2 Michelle Lew 29
F3 Maxillian Chan 26 OUT

F4 Lydia Tan 39
F5 Carrie Yeo 31

Semi-Final 2

Index Name Score Status

M1 Zhang Le Sheng 32.5 OUT

M2 Daren Tan 44
M3 Kelvin Soon 38.5
M4 Nathaniel Tan 37
F1 Michelle Lew 27.5 OUT

F2 Lydia Tan 36.5
F3 Carrie Yeo 29
F4 Averil Chan 28

Semi-Final 3

Index Name Score Status

M1 Kelvin Soon 40 OUT

M2 Nathaniel Tan 38.5
M3 Daren Tan 40.5
F1 Averil Chan 26 OUT

F2 Lydia Tan 35.5
F3 Carrie Yeo 38.5

Semi-Final 4

Index Name Score Percentage Status

M1 Daren Tan 39 52.72% Male Winner

M2 Nathaniel Tan 37 47.28% OUT

F1 Lydia Tan 37.5 62.1% Female Winner

F2 Carrie Yeo 39.7 37.9% OUT


Index Name Judges' Vote (Unaffected) Percentage Status

S1 Daren Tan Sze Wei 2 59% Champion

S2 Lydia Tan Diya 3 41% Runner-up


Out of the 8 contestants who were eliminated in the semi-finals, Maxilian Chan had a call number F3, and Carrie Yeo had a call number F2. The other 6 contestants had either call numbers F1 or M1.

Out of the 9 contestants who were eliminated in the semi-finals, 6 of these contestants scored the lowest amongst their groupings, with the exceptions of Kelvin Soon and Carrie Yeo, who were eliminated despite scoring higher than their counterparts Nathaniel Tan and Lydia Tan respectively.

This also marks the only season and the very first time, that no music CDs is sold, reason on this is not given by Mediacorp.

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