Great Salt Plains Dam

Great Salt Plains Dam

Great Salt Plains Dam, on Salt Fork, a tributary of the Arkansas River, NW Okla., near Enid. The dam was authorized in 1936 as a federal project and completed in 1941. In a salt-encrusted plains area, it provides flood control and impounds a large reservoir that is part of a national wildlife refuge.
Great Salt Plains Lake is an artificial lake in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma in the United States named because of the salt flats in the area and for the Salt Fork Arkansas River, which is dammed to form the lake. The average depth of the lake is only 3 feet (1 m) at normal pool. There is a location for digging selenite crystals in the salt flats which lie close to the lake. In July 2007, the crystal digging location has been temporarily closed.

This lake hosts a variety of fish including trout, bass and weizesucs

The Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is located along the lake and in its environs.

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