Gravure idol

Gravure idol

are Japanese models who primarily pose in bikinis, leotards, and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines and photobooks aimed largely at men. In recent years, some popular idols have released DVDs of their work, typically posing in revealing outfits. Fetish themes may include wrestling, martial arts, and Superheroines from tokusatsu.

Gravure idols range from as young as age 11 (Saaya Irie, in 2005) to as old as 31 (Hoshino Aki as of 2008). Gravure idols do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in their work, though some simulate sex acts in their DVD releases.

The term is derived from photogravure, or, technically more precise, rotogravure, the type of printing process used in the production of glossy magazines.

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