Jillian Kesner-Graver

Jillian Kesner-Graver (November 17, 1950December 5, 2007) was an American actress and historian who worked with her late husband, Gary Graver, to preserve the work and legacy of director Orson Welles. She was best known as an actress for playing Fonzie's girlfriend, Lorraine, on Happy Days.

Early life

Kesner-Graver was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on November 17, 1950. Her dad was in the United States Navy and she spent much of her childhood in Denver, Colorado. She first moved to Los Angeles in 1959 where she worked as a model before getting into television and movie acting.


Kesner-Graver was best known for playing Fonzie's girlfriend, Lorraine, on Happy Days. She was credited as Jillian Kesner on Happy Days, as well as her other television and movie roles.

Kesner appeared in a large number of "B-rated" films throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Her credits included Raw Force,Starhops and Jaded. She developed a large following among fans of B-level action films. She also appeared on a number of television shows, including Three's Company, The Rockford Files and Mork & Mindy.

She met her husband, director and cinematographer, Gary Graver, on the set of the film "The Student Body" in 1976.


Jillian Kesner-Graver died on December 5, 2007, in a Irvine, California, hospital of a staph infection. She was 58 years old.


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