Graton éditeur

Graton éditeur

Graton Editeur is a French publishing house created by comics drawer and writer Jean Graton. It is currently owned by Jean Graton and his son Philippe. Graton Editeur have published the works of Jean Graton, among them the famous comics series Michel Vaillant.


On February 7, 1957 Jean Graton created the character Michel Vaillant. Five short stories were published in Tintin. In the face of their huge popularity, a full album was drawn and written by Jean Graton, published in Tintin in 1959. In 1966, the adventures of Michel Vaillant were adapted for TV. From 1982 on, new albums are published by Graton editeur, owned by Philippe and Jean Graton. In 1986, the album "Irish coffee" was awarded the Morzine Avoriaz Festival's Grand Prix. In 1990, the adventures were adapted for animation series on TV. In 1995, a new series was launched, the Dossiers Michel Vaillant series, with comics and information on important figures in the automobile industry. In 2000, the Palmarès Inedit series was created. In recent years Jean Graton has left the scenario writing to his son Philippe and the drawing was done by the Studio Graton.

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